Investec Women's Hockey League
Fixtures (next two match days) (all season)
21 January 2017
Women's Conference North
Brooklands Poynton 
v    Sutton Coldfield  12:00 BLHC Rearranged from 26 Nov
04 February 2017
Women's Premier Division
University of Birmingham 
v    Slough  12:30 tbc
East Grinstead 
v    Surbiton  13:30 EGW
Bowdon Hightown
v    Clifton Robinsons  13:45 BHCw
v    Reading  14:00 LGS
v    Canterbury  16:00 HP1
Women's Conference East
Hampstead and Westminster 
v    Chelmsford  13:30 PRW
v    St. Albans  14:00 SHCW
West Herts 
v    Wimbledon  14:00 NF
Northampton Saints 
v    Harleston Magpies  14:15 MC
v    Cambridge City  17:00 HBL
Women's Conference North
Brooklands Poynton 
v    Belper  12:00 BLHC
University of Durham 
v    Wakefield  12:00 M.C
v    Beeston  12:30 THC1
Ben Rhydding 
v    Liverpool Sefton  13:30 BRSC
Sutton Coldfield 
v    Loughborough Students  14:00 WLC
Women's Conference West
Gloucester City 
v    Bristol Firebrands  12:00 OSP
Isca University
v    Buckingham  12:00 ISCA
Olton & West Warwicks 
v    Oxford Hawks  12:00 WWSC
Swansea City 
v    Exe  12:00 KGV
v    Stourport  12:00 StL
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