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Our third day of collecting the best tweets, photos and opinions, as we go back out and about with the Hockey Nation...


antanddec ‏@antanddec
I didn't realise what a big fan I am of ladies hockey! D x #TeamGB#literallyallhot !

Katie Edwards ‏@KatieEdwards_11
Watching @GBHockey2012 had given me the buzz to go back & play hockey 4 a club after not playing it in lasts few years!

Lauren Smith ‏@Smithyy15
Actually can't wait to watch the @GBHockey2012 ladies, they've been doing so well! #OurGreatestTeam #TeamGB #Hockey Good luck ladies!


Bicester HC mascot Fans at Riverbank Arena
The Bicester Hockey Club mascot spreading the word about hockey!  To find out your nearest playing opportunities click here>> Fans showing their support at the Riverbank Arena. Nice GB shirts lads! If you want to buy a replica shirt click here>>

fans show their support for GB


Christ Davies

Chris has been playing club hockey for three years and is the Mens 4th IX and Summer League Captain at Stourport Hockey Club. Here are his thoughts on the GB women's match against Belgium...

"Another game, another win. The GB Ladies really are doing the nation proud. Although I thought they looked less compelling tonight with a few mistakes slipping in and perhaps the odd opportunity missed. Belgium didn’t exactly put up a fight; rather they seemed to be content with slowing the game down putting up a barrier to deny GB any chances. Happily it didn’t work and GB’s scored some great goals this time by Ball and Bartlett and a second of the tournament for Cullen. It’s good to see so many of the team pushing forward and able to score.

But tonight wasn’t just about watching the game. I had a meeting at the club scheduled at the same time. A group of us have got together to look at updating some of our club policies, recruitment and how we communicate with our members. Holly is our Club Chairman, Sarah the Secretary, Gemma and Kathryn our Club Captains. I took this as an opportunity to speak to the ladies about the Olympic coverage.

Rather than discuss the game we talked about the Olympic coverage and for me take away their views. So what did they say?
On the whole they’re really enjoying the tournament and all seemed to be finding time to watch plenty of games. In fact the wife of one of our coaches chipped in and pointed out that he had recorded EVERY game so far, for video replays for his teams! The blue and pink SmurfTurf is a big hit and it seems that everyone who’s watched on TV has said how well it works. Even the atmosphere that seems to be electric in the stadium is coming through to the viewers too."

Sian Tourney
Sian, from Kidderminster in Worcestershire is a student at University College in Lincoln, where she is training to be a teacher. Sian has little hockey experience but was keen to watch one of the GB matches and share her opinion:

"Nobody likes to admit that they don’t understand a sport, but I will be the first to admit that I am clueless when it comes to Hockey. That I why I believe I, as well as many others, have not watched a game before today.

However, I found that the game was incredibly enjoyable, whether this was because team GB were winning from very early on in the game or the joys of beginning to understand the rules, I don’t know.

I will not deny that I looked up what a green card was after the first one was issued, but I soon got into the swing of the game. My mum watched on as I oo’ed and argh’ed (I really do get into sports when I watch them). Once I began to understand more, like what a penalty corner was and why they kept repeating them, I found myself getting lost in the game.

My highlight (other than the wonderful brass music playing Amarillo in the background) would be team GB securing a solid win in the first hockey game I have watched. It is always a nice feeling getting a goal in the first few minutes, and as the goals mounted so did my excitement. A brilliant game, and I definitely won’t brush off the idea of watching a hockey game so quickly in the future."

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