Richard Smith Answers Your Questions

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Each month In The D, England Hockey’s new junior website is giving users the chance to ask questions to members of the England team.  Take a look at the top 5 questions In The D users asked England and GB star, Richard Smith last month.

Q: Do you have any tips for doing drag flicks?

A: Make the execution stride as wide as possible, get low, start the ball off slower & accelerate at the end of the movement.

Q: Most memorable goal?

A: U13 regional where City of Portsmouth HC were sent to represent South West England and I scored my first “drag flick” lobbing the keeper to beat Midlands and make the semi finals!

Q: Do you train every day?

A: Most! A rest day still often involves an active recovery & some stretching.

Q: Why hockey?

A: Fantastic sport, skillful, tactical, extremely physical and challenging, great people and you can make great friends.

Q: I'm a goalie and I’d like to know what I should shout to my players so I have more chance of getting into JACs.

A:  As a goalie you have to dominate the D. Whenever the ball is in your D communicate to your players to tell them what to do i.e whether you will smother and clear, if you want them to clear, mark a man, go to the ball etc.’

If you’ve got a question for a player, make sure you ask it on In The D. It’s completely free to sign up and it’s not just the top 5 that are answered – all questions will be answered! Click here to have a look around In The D and if you want to get involved register for free.