England Hockey Synopsis


Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Holly Woodford, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, David Faulkner, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, Sue Bodycomb  and Katy Roberts .

In attendance: Simon Mason, Richard Leman

Apologies: Jilly Holroyd

Declarations of Interest
Ian Wilson and Katie Dodd as Trustees of National Hockey Museum

Minutes of September Board Meeting

a) Accuracy
The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
b) Matters arising and Action Items
Operational Plan and CEO appraisal circulated to the Board.
Non-Executive Directors to meet before next Board meeting.
No presentation required from Mike Smith (Hockey Museum) as another open day scheduled for April.
Decision on Chair of Capital Investment Panel postponed until funding award known.

1. Executive Directors’ Report
As read with the following points to note:

As regards GB playing more at world level, Sally Munday highlighted the route map agreed at the GB Board and emphasised that it maps out the journey for discussions at Home Country level.  The intention is for England Hockey to pick up a detailed discussion at the January or March Board Meeting.  The preference would be January; however there is a clash with the Scottish Board Meeting and the facilitator is unavailable. 

With regard to Maxifuel Super Sixes, Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed that progress to date is very positive with ticket sales up to 1,800 and revenue of £27k against a target of £72k.  Hospitality is almost at half way (compared to budget) and the sponsorship target has been surpassed.  In addition a better deal has been negotiated with the TV production company.  Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed that there is one more year of the Wembley deal left and the 2013-2017 vision is to have both finals over 2 days – this will be investigated.  Currently the arrangements for the women’s semi-finals are the same at last year and will be held at Kettering.

CRM Strategy – following the recent customer survey, a series of workshops are being held at Bisham involving all staff and Jonathan Cockcroft extended the invitation to Board Members.  It is felt that the workshops would benefit from outside influence as well as specific input from coaches, volunteers and umpires.

Jonathan Cockcroft confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Berlei, who will be supporting Back To Hockey, providing sports bras for the athletes and educating young girls about the importance of good support.  The deal is over 4 years and the contract has now been signed.

The London 2012 pitch has been awarded to Sheffield Hockey Club, following a panel selection process (similar to the Capital Investment Panel process).  Ian Wilson is confident that the process was entirely fair including annonymised assessment of the short list. It was also agreed to highlight on the website the fact that there will still be 2 legacy pitches at Eton Manor and at Old Loughtonians plus other legacy investment has taken place at Bisham Abbey and at Lilleshall.

Following the recent announcement of the Indian Hockey League and the legal advice provided by EHB, only 1 English player is still in the process. 
Sally Munday advised the Board that no decision had yet been made with regard to the recruitment of a Performance Director.  The panel would meet again following the Board meeting to discuss further.

Ben Rea advised the Board that following his attendance at the FIH Congress, he could confirm that the FIH are now in support of Masters Competitions running alongside all major events.
2. Increased Visibility

a. Euronations 2015
As Read.
Sally Munday confirmed that the overall structure would be the same as that at the Women’s Champions Trophy – a stakeholder board and a day to day operational planning group.  In respect of the operational planning group, which previously had an independent Chair, this would now be chaired by the Commercial Director as we now have considerably more experience of events.  It was agreed that more England Hockey staff would be involved in running the event, in view of the fact that events are now part of our core strategy.  It was acknowledged that volunteers bring an alternative perspective although their skills and time were critical criteria.
3. International Success 

a. London 2012 Independent Review
Neil Tunnicliffe presented to the Board.  The review is around performance itself rather than the GB Framework Agreement.  Feedback had been obtained from GB staff and athletes.   The Board discussed the content of the presentation and Philip Kimberley and Sally Munday explained the review and areas for improvement would be examined in detail with the new Performance Director.

b. London 2012 Performance Director Report
As read.

4. Strong and respected NGB

a. 2013-17 Strategic Plan
The Executive team presented proposals for the structure required to deliver the 2013 – 2017 Strategic Plan. 

b. 2011/2012 Year Management Accounts
As read with the following items of note.
Ian Wilson confirmed that he is in discussions with the Auditors in respect of accruing for future events.  The contention is whether we should accrue equally over the 4 year period.  However, in view of the fact that we could host further events, England Hockey would like to accrue for this event as quickly as possible so that future accruals can be afforded.
Mike Stoddard asked Ian Wilson to prepare an analysis of accruals over the last few years before the Audit Committee – to review consistency of policies/principles.  Katie Dodd suggested that in light of no increase in reserves, the reserves policy be reviewed.

c. September Accounts
As Read.
Mike Stoddard acknowledged the significant step forward taken in terms of the layout of the accounts reflecting the structure of the business and giving more accountability to Executive Directors in their areas of responsibility.
d. RCC Report
Sue Bodycomb confirmed that there was nothing to report at this time; however, she will prepare a paper regarding single gender issues for the next Board meeting.

e. Equality Paper
Ian Wilson presented the paper to the Board.  Following some discussion it was agreed that the paper required further legal input. 

f. Risk Register & Risk Management Policy
As read.

Following discussion it was agreed to align the Risk Register strategy with the Policy document and to format by risk rating. 

g. Board Governance
Following input at a previous Board meeting, Philip Kimberley presented an updated governance paper. Katy Roberts suggested that the Articles be added for reference in the Appendix. He also mentioned that a draft revision of the Articles to incorporate Independent Directors would be presented at the January Board meeting. This is currently being drafted by Cons and Regs Committee. It will also be available for the RCC.

It was suggested that the Board consider whether or not a governance committee was necessary (or to incorporate with Audit / Risk committee). 


The successful introduction of points penalties to all premier clubs who affiliate late has resulted in all affiliation fees being received on time.

Ben Rea asked if England Hockey were prepared to make a recommendation in favour of wearing face-masks.  Sue Bodycomb advised that  Ian Wilson had raised the issue at the last RCC meeting and the RCC are consulting with the Regions and will feedback thoughts at the next meeting.

Andy Tapley raised concerns about membership in relation to rumours about lost data.  Ian Wilson confirmed that the data is not lost, there have been delays during the migration of a database but staff are working through the renewal reminders.

With regard to affiliation statistics, whilst we are ahead in terms of the number of clubs affiliated, there is still analysis being done before final numbers are presented.  Anecdotal data suggests a larger increase in junior participation, but an overall increase in both junior and adult participation.

Philip Kimberley conveyed thanks, on behalf of the Board, to David Faulkner for seven and a half years of fantastic unstinting loyalty and commitment.  He congratulated him on his success and wished him all the best.