England Hockey Synopsis - July 2013

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, Sally Munday, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft,  Rich Beer, Katie Dodd, Andy Tapley, Mike Stoddard, Ben Rea, Katy Roberts, and Sue Bodycomb.

In attendance: Andy Borrie, Katie Legg, Tony Moffat.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Richard Leman and Danny Kerry.

Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of May Board Meeting

a) Accuracy

The Minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
b) Matters arising and action items

1. Executive Directors’ Report
As read with the following points to note:

  • The women and the men have both qualified for the World Cup through the World League.
  • Investec Women’s League –Despite the short notice and challenges with the pitch at Chiswick the event was viewed very positively by the FIH.
  • Sport England and UK Sport are piloting a slimmed down self assurance regime to those who have a good track record.  England Hockey have been invited to join the pilot and Ian Wilson is to present a paper to the Board at the next meeting as responsibility for assessing governance standards is being passed to the Board collectively.
  • The restructuring of the Performance team was mid way through and recruitment was underway.
  • Commonwealth Games 2002 Legacy- Andy Tapley asked what the situation was with the legacy pitch in Manchester at Belle Vue.  Conversations were still ongoing between Manchester City Council and Sport England and no decision had been made. Sport England were being very supportive of EHB’s need to retain a double pitch venue in Manchester.
  • GB Super League –Following on from a GB performance review meeting all three countries felt that there would be better ways to identify talent and GBSL is no longer in the programme.  The CEO’s are hoping to have a greater number of opportunities where coaches are able to review players more regularly. 

2. Increased Visibility

a) World League 3 update
The Board congratulated Jonathan Cockcroft and his team for the production of a successful event, particularly given the short notice for hosting it.

b) Major World level Events Bidding 2016 – 2018
Sue Catton joined the meeting (SC)

Sally Munday introduced two papers; the first paper highlighted the bidding process and requirements for hosting and was taken as read.  The second paper offered the Board further detail in terms of partner requirements, tickets sales, size of event, budgets and risks.  There are ongoing talks with UK Sport and other partners with regard to their contribution sand our application to UKS will be considered at their August panel. There was considerable discussion within the Board on the projected ticket sales and the impact any variation would have on the budget. The Board approved the papers and agreed to bid for the events identified in 2016-2018.   

3. Strong and respected NGB

a) Management Accounts
As read
Ian Wilson confirmed the current positive position and the Executive team would be looking at how the current surplus could be used to good effect before the year end.  We are likely to have a bigger surplus than budgeted due to an increase in commercial and grant revenue, however this will need to be balanced against any future provision for hosting major world level international events. 

b) Operations Plan and Budget 2013 / 2014
The paper highlighted the priorities for the next twelve months and the Executive team summarised their key areas as follows:

  • Jonathan Cockcroft (Commercial and Membership Director) -To grow ticket sales, visibility of the sport, building the brand identity which will include the current review of the Single System, support the development team with marketing campaigns and getting the 2015 European Championship planning started.
  • Ian Wilson (Finance and Administration Director) - In the short term the integration of new staff across the business.   Focus would also be given to longer term priorities:  new HR and updated Safeguarding and Vulnerable Adults strategies to be written and embedded and also emphasis on taking IT forward with the arrival of the new IT Manager. 
  • Rich Beer (Development Director) - Increasing participation in Further Education and Higher Education through Rush Hockey, Setting up sustainable sites for Back to hockey, developing strongly attached Club School Links. 
  • Sally Munday answered on behalf of Danny Kerry (Performance Director) -In the short term, success as identified in the performance plan.  Longer  term priorities being tackled in 13/14: the Single System Review, AASE implementation, a transitional programme for the 18-23 year olds to replicate an environment similar to the senior squad, additional staff implementation, refinement of the a long term coaching strategy and to put coaching resources online.

Ian Wilson outlined the proposed non performance budget. It projects a surplus of £91k which is consistent with previous budgets and continues our progress towards our reserves target. The performance budget is in final stages of agreement with Danny Kerry now that the restructuring proposals have been agreed by the Board.  

The Board approved the Operational Plan and Budget

c) RCC Report
Finance seminar for the Regional Hockey Associations was held at Bisham last week.  The Umpires’ Development Plan is now a stage further on and has gone out for consultation and Tony Moffatt will be able to report fully after next RCC meeting in October.

d) FIH National Association CEO meeting report
Sally Munday presented a report from a meeting with the FIH about securing hockey’s future in the Olympic Games.  Hockey has been relegated to revenue group D from C and it narrowly avoided the IOC’s decision to drop the sport from the Olympic Games.  The FIH are looking at what can they do to raise the profile of hockey within the IOC and protect its position within the Games. 

e) IT Strategy update
As read
Katy Roberts asked for update on progress against the plan in 6 months.

4. AOB
Andy Tapley made a request that a new staff list be circulated to the board members.

Sue Bodycomb mentioned that the governing body web page needs updating.