Clubhouse: Life in a Hockey House - The Girls

Hockey Summer - Life In a Hockey House - Girls

Many of you out there will know what it’s like to live in a household that’s obsessed with hockey, but imagine four international hockey players all living under one roof…

The decision to centralise training of both the men’s and women’s squads at Bisham Abbey has without a doubt hugely benefitted England Hockey, but it does also mean that England’s stars ideally need to live nearby. Realising this, a number of players have made the decision to live together, with teammates Maddie Hinch, Sam Quek, Laura Unsworth and Lily Owsley all occupying one house. We caught up with some of them and asked them about life in a real hockey house and if living, training and playing together ever becomes a little bit too much…


LILY OWSLEY “It’s been great – I spend more time there than I do at my family’s house now so it is what I think of when I say ‘home’ now. It’s been ideal for me because I didn’t actually know many people when I first came into the squad, that’s not the case now! They like to say they’ve taken me under their wing, in fact they’ll say that to anyone who’ll listen…”

MADDIE HINCH “It just happened by chance, the four of us needed to sort something out so we decided to live together – there’s normally one house with a few people living together.”

LO “It’s been really good, although a few random things have happened – we’ve actually been burgled once. But one of my favourite things about it is one of neighbours likes to bring round cake…”

MH "It’s worked really well because while we can talk hockey and relate to what each other is going through, often we don’t even think about training – we just chill out and enjoy each other’s company which I think is important. We’re pretty close to Bisham so it’s ideal – we end up getting a lot of the rest of the squad round to visit as we’re so close.”

LO “Sam’s the diva. Unsie’s [Laura Unsworth] the princess – she has a massive pink bed – and Maddie’s crazy – she has so much energy. She’s also a big eater which earns her a lot of respect from me!”

MH “I’m the neat one! I’m the one who does all the cleaning. To be honest, we’re not a messy house, I’m just a bit anal! I try and stop cleaning but I just can’t help myself…”

LO “We’re lucky in that we all have pretty similar interests, we watch all the same stuff on TV. Stuff you might politely call rubbish. We’re big on Made In Chelsea – I’m a massive Spencer fan but they all hate him.”

MH “Sam’s probably the biggest cook – I don’t think she wants to do the washing-up! She does a very good Chinese, so we just leave her to it! She’ll take charge of the music when she’s cooking too…”

LO “Sam’s quite into Beyoncé, which I can handle, but I’ll get Eminem on whenever I can – when I’m driving it’s my choice of music!”

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