Loughborough clear at top of table

Indoor Hockey 450

FIFTEEN goals in their opening two games helped Loughborough Students top the table after the first day of competition in the Hockey 5s Championship Men’s Division One at the University of West England.

They are the only the win both their matches, having won 10-3 against Harleston Magpies and then battled to a 5-4 victory over Southgate, who are second following a 7-4 win over Cannock.

Wimbledon also enjoyed a big win, beating Brooklands Manchester University 10-6, but had already lost 6-3 to Cannock in the day’s opening match.

Men’s Division Two North

Havering are the early leaders of the Hockey 5s Championship Men’s Division Two North after winning both of their opening-day games and scoring 12 goals in the process.

They beat Preston 7-3 in their first game before going on to beat Isca 5-3.

Barford Tigers also made a strong start and are the only other team to keep a 100 per cent record, beating Cheltenham 6-4 and Preston 6-4. They are second only on goal difference. Preston and Isca lost both of their games.

Men’s Division Two South

West Herts made a good start to their Hockey 5s Championship Men’s Division Two South campaign as they won two games and scored a staggering 23 goals.

After beating Fareham 11-9, they went on to brush St Albans aside with a 12-2 scoreline. Indian Gymkhana are just behind them on goal difference with a 8-2 defeat of St Albans and a 11-5 win over Trojans.