Quicksticks fever hits Africa

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West Africa has caught the Quickstick bug after schools, clubs and England Hockey donate old Quicksticks kits to Ghana Hockey as part of the Targeted Assistance Program (TAP). TAP is an exciting four year expansion programme for hockey in West Africa with England Hockey supporting Ghana Hockey to develop their participation and performance programmes for coaches, umpires and players.

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With 4 players on each team Quicksticks uses a larger, lighter ball meaning it can be played on any surface. This has been vital as there are only 11 artificial grass pitches in Africa outside of South Africa and the vast majority of hockey is still played on alternative surface types like concrete, dirt, gravel, grass, sand, tarmac and laterite.

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Back in May England Hockey sent coach and umpire educators out to Ghana and they held workshops for coaches from Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. During these workshops the coaches quickly brought into Quicksticks as the introductory format due to the fun, fast, safe and exciting nature of the game. However the greatest appeal was Quicksticks design, where it can be delivered by anyone regardless of previous hockey experience. Meaning as the coaches returned to their communities with the donated kit, they could share the game with local teachers and other coaches.

The results are already staggering with 300 children in Ivory Coast playing Quicksticks every week in community clubs and in Togo 10 schools are playing Quicksticks run by the newly enthused coaches and teachers.

We have a couple more images below, but to really get a taste of the action take a look at the videos on the Ivory Coast Hockey Association’s Facebook page which can be found here.

If your school or club are interested in running Quicksticks visit www.playquicksticks.co.uk for more information and to buy Quicksticks balls to make hockey deliverable, whatever the surface visit here.

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