Belper Hockey Club attract parents back to the game!

Belper Bth

In 2014 Belper HC decided to run Back to Hockey as they wanted to attract new blood to the club and specifically targeted those parents who brought their children to junior sessions. Julie, the clubs Back to Hockey organiser shares with us what they did and how it went.

On organising and promoting

We picked a night and time when the juniors train and put the Back to Hockey sessions on the other side of the pitch to utilise the space and the parents time! We then contacted the parents of all juniors to tell them about the sessions, along with promoting them on our website, social media and placed posters in places like local supermarkets, gyms and leisure centres.

How did the sessions go?

They were really well received! We had mums and dads of the juniors take part plus others who had seen the posters and information on our website. We pitched the sessions so players were able to have a laugh whilst learning new skills and we made sure they didn’t feel out of their depth at any point. At the end of the sessions we supplied Pimms or mulled wine to emphasise the social aspect of the club. A number of the players then indicated they wanted to play regular games for the club so we have been able to field and extra adult team.

What’s next?

We want to maintain Back to Hockey at the club and to keep running regular sessions for those players who don’t want to come straight back into club training.

Belper Bth 2

It was also great to hear from Sarah who has joined the club after giving the Back to Hockey sessions a go. Having stopped playing shortly after University, hockey had been Sarah’s first sporting love in her teens and twenties. So it was no surprise when she encouraged her daughter to attend the clubs junior section. It was here where she found out about Back to Hockey and tells us in her own words how she reacted;

‘When I saw a poster advertising back to hockey I wondered if I dared? It was only the very kind encouragement I received from the organiser that got me to the pitch side one cold evening. The coaching was great, I met and made new friends, and felt exhausted and exhilarated. I asked myself  why had I every stopped playing?

Now two seasons on, I train most Wednesdays and play on Saturdays, and my daughter is playing for the U12s squad that I help support too. All because I did get out of my car that cold evening!’

England Hockey’s national Back to Hockey campaign is taking place from 9th May to 19th June 2016 and it promises to be bigger and better than ever! For full details and to get your club involved click here or speak to you local Relationship Manager whose details can be found here.