Pure Hockey Gold: Danson on England's 'fortress' in London

Crowd at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre

With Pure Hockey Gold heading to London for the Hockey Women’s World Cup next summer, Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre on Olympic Park will once again be rocking!

The venue’s history is quickly growing with many happy memories and victories here, with many players describing it as a fortress ahead of the biggest Hockey event ever to be held in the United Kingdom.

Thousands will once again fill the stands building an atmosphere that England’s players believe will be a massive advantage as they contest the World Cup on home soil. Are you ready to play your part?

Describing playing in London, current women’s captain Alex Danson said: “Playing in London is electric. It really has become our home, our fortress, our place to defend any titles that we may have and try to win all games we play there.”

Helping create this electric atmosphere and backing the squad means you can play your part in London next summer, something Danson believes is always crucial when playing at home.   

“When people come to watch you in London, that noise, you can’t underestimate how much that gives us how much it makes you proud to play your sport and that desire to win on your home turf.

“The World Cup next year is going to be a tournament that everyone will remember for a very long time.”

“I believe we put on some of the best hockey events the world sees. It’s one that this team is building towards and we will be working very hard to make sure we will be the best we can be.”

Details on how to secure your seat to witness Pure Hockey Gold in London next summer can be found here while you can pre-register for the public ballot here.