Futures Cup Round Up

Futures Cup Logos 2016

Oakland's College welcomed athletes from across the UK for the first day of Futures Cup which did not disappoint.

U15 Boys

Saxon Tigers started their Futures Cup campaign in full force as they put seven past Celtic Jaguars in the opening game of the day. It was a 3-0 win for Wessex Leopards over Mercia Lynx, goals from Purves, Croft-Baker and Payton.  

Pool A

Saxon Tigers (2 )7

Holland 45’ Ridge 45’ Webb 13’ Macaulay 51’ Hassall 56’ Phillips 26’ 40’

Celtic Jaguars (0) 0

Pool B

Wessex Leopards (1) 3

Payton 5’ Croft-Baker 45’ Purves 50’

Mercia Lynx (0) 0


U15 Girls

Mercia Lynx came out winners in an end to end game against the Saxon Tigers, Ellie Yeomans the sole goal scorer for the reds. Emily Harris put an astounding five past Celtic Jaguars to help her team; Wessex Leopards win 12-0.  

Pool A

Mercia Lynx (0) 1  


Saxon Tigers (0) 0

Pool B

Wessex Leopards (4) 12

Klugman 11’ Hope 30’ 49’ Freer 23’ 44’ Viant 53’ Harris 14’ 60’ 56’ 55’ 54’ Taylor 35’

Celtic Jaguars (0) 0


U17 Boys

Wessex Leopards came back from 1-0 down to beat Saxon Tigers 3 - 1 in the first game of U17 boy’s competition. It was a thrilling finale to the first day as Celtic Jaguars lead for most of the match until captain Max Carter-Keall pulled one back from Mercia Lynx for it finish all level at 2-2.

Pool A

Saxon Tigers (1) 1

Winter 51’

Wessex Leopards 0 (3)

Hoddle 30’ Stubbings 56’ Rushmere 42’

Pool B

Celtic Jaguars (1) 2

Margetson 5’ Bradshaw 44’

Mercia Lynx (1) 2

Hopkins 17’ Carter-Keall 52’


U17 Girls

Saxon Tigers beat Mercia Lynx 2-0 in the first U17 Girls match of the day goals from Zoe Ramsey and Georgia Davis. Wessex Leopards were first on the score sheet from a by Millie Attwell giving her team the lead but a penalty flick for Celtic Jaguars just before half time made it all square. It was end to end with both sides scoring another for the score to be 2-2 on the final whistle.

Pool A

Saxon Tigers (1) 2

Davies 13’ Ramsey 52’

Mercia Lynx (0) 0

Pool B

Wessex Leopards (1) 2

Attwell 24’ Birchall 32’

Celtic Jaguars (1) 2

Butler 26’ Preston 54’


More information about Futures Cup here and for more details around each match can be found here.