Ballot Stories: Inspiring the next generation

School children at World League

Hockey fans will no doubt be flocking to Olympic Park next summer as the World Cup arrives in London. 

However the event provides a fantastic platform for the sport and an opportunity to showcase the best the game has to offer to young fans and inspire the next generation.

Teacher Imogen Fearon is hoping to inspire her class next year at St Albans Primary School in Holburn and introduce them to Hockey.

“I've played hockey since the age of 10, the age that my class will be next year. I have applied for tickets for them to hopefully get them, even if only a few, to start going to a hockey club, or I may even start one at school.  

“I applied for non-England games and my plan is to split them in half and let them spend time investing in one of the countries that's playing.

“I also applied for tickets for an England game for me and a friend that I met on my travels this summer who is also a club player!” 

There is still time to enter the Hockey Women's World Cup ticket ballot before it closes on the 6 September by clicking here.