Board Synopsis July


 Meeting Name :

England Hockey board meeting synopsis


Bisham Abbey


26 July 2017



Royston Hoggarth

Note Taker

Helen Davies


Andy Hunt, Andy Tapley, Ed Barney, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockcroft, Kate Swann, Neville Wrench, Rich Beer, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sue Bodycomb, Sheila Morrow


Apologies for Absence

Paul Bickerton (Sport England), Katy Roberts, Mike Stoddard


Minutes of meeting held on 16 May 2017

a)    Points of accuracy:

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording

b)    Matters arising

Royston Hoggarth welcomed the incoming President of GB Hockey, Sheila Morrow.

Richard Sykes highlighted actions from the previous meeting and requested completion times

c)    Declarations of interest

Andy Tapley is currently involved in the Trustee recruitment process with the Hockey Museum.


Executive Report

As read with the following points:

·         Ed Barney updated the Board on Danny Kerry

·         Jon Cockcroft outlined the key points of the recent meeting held at the FIH on the Pro League.  A draft schedule has been compiled and all nations involved are very comfortable with the compromise reached.  Sally Munday and the CEO’s from KNHB and NZ were elected to be the representatives from the League Council (made up of all the participating nations) to the League Management Panel.

·         Sally Munday updated the Board with developments following the statement from Dr Bhatra at the Men’s World League.

·         The Board discussed Board attendance at the World Leagues in NZ and India (Women17-26 November) and Men’s (1-10 December)  

·         Jon Cockcroft was pleased to report that the World League deficit was lower than originally predicted.

·         Richard Sykes suggested approaching Liverpool which is bidding for the CWG in 2022.



Growing Participation

Umpiring strategy proposal

Stephen Tabb joined the meeting. 

Paper taken as read.  The Board approved the proposed strategy and requested that clear KPI’s are obtained from the NPUA strategy in order that both EH and the NPUA objectives are aligned.


International Success

Bridging the Gap update

Stephen Barlow joined the meeting.

Taken as read.  The Board were asked if there was any further information they felt was needed before the final paper was developed for the September meeting.

The Board were in agreement with the initial proposal and the consultation planned.


Strong and respected NGB

Management accounts

Taken as read.  Ian Wilson commented that there was still a small amount of work to be done on the end of year projection but currently we are projecting that we will finish close to budget.

Richard Sykes asked for the performance budget to be shown ring fenced separately to allow the Board to gain a clearer understanding of the figures.


2017/18 Budget and Operations plan

The Executive team continue to refine the plan in order to address the NAGS funding situation and will update the Board in November.

The Board approved the operational plan and budget presented and asked for a review of the income lines and pricing policies. 


Code of Good Governance action plan

Taken as read.  For noting Richard Sykes is not a member of audit committee and was formally re-appointed as an independent NED by the Board at their meeting at World League Thursday 22 June 2017.  The Board approved the proposed Action Plan required to meet the new mandatory Code. 


UK Sport Funding agreement

Taken as read. The Board formally accepted that England Hockey is the nominated Country for GB in the Tokyo cycle. 

Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy

Taken as read.  The Board approved the introduction of a new policy to safeguard adults at risk who play hockey. Katy Roberts suggested small amendments to the policy and that it should be reviewed at the end of the season.  Ian Wilson confirmed a communication exercise would be activated and rolled out to the clubs and associations. 


Transgender Policy

Taken as read.  The Board are in agreement with the proposed policy update which reflect changes in legislation and IOC policy. It removes many of the barriers to transgender participation in grassroots sport. 


Code of Ethics disrepute regulation amendments

As read.  The Board approved the changes proposed to the disrepute regulations and will ask the Constitutions and Regulations Committee to update the regulations,

Risk register

Taken as read.  Richard Sykes requested that a ‘big picture’ overview should be included in the annual report.  The Board approved the risk register and that it will continue to be refined. 

Committee updates

Taken as read.


Health and safety

Taken as read. The Board were updated on the injury monitoring reports provided by clubs. There continues to be no pattern in the injuries seen and no identifiable high risks.


AGM resolution update

Taken as read.  A verbal update will be brought back in September 2017. 



The effect of the changes in the Data Protection Act which will be introduced in 2018 will be brought back to the Board.