England Hockey Board Meeting: November 2017 - Synopsis

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Meeting Name: England Hockey Board Meeting
Venue: Bisham Abbey
Date: 21 November 2017

Lead: Royston Hoggarth
Note Taker: Michele Townsend
Present: Andy Hunt, Andy Tapley, Ian Wilson, Jonathan Cockroft, Katy Roberts, Kate Swann, Mike Stoddard, Neville Wrench, Rich Beer, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sheila Morrow, Sue Bodycomb


Apologies for Absence
Ed Barney, England Hockey
Paul Bickerton, Sport England

Minutes of meeting held on 19 September 2017 
Points of accuracy
The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
Matters arising 
  • Jon Cockcroft confirmed that more work would be done to ensure clubs had a better understanding of the new competitions structure.
  • Agreement has been secured to allow Polytan to relay the pitches at Lee Valley Hockey Centre.
Declarations of interest

Executive Report
As read with the following points:
  • Sally Munday confirmed that guidance from  UK Sport, has meant that athletes have not been treated as employees and as such there is no whistle blowing, complaints or disciplinary policy/procedure for athletes currently in place outside of the processes included in their lottery funding agreement, this is due to be reviewed by UK Sport and England Hockey.  
  • Sally Munday highlighted that Ed Barney is working with UK Sport to use the Culture Health Check survey more frequently and to review the design of the questions.
  • The SportLomo competitions system was discussed and the Board updated on the problems and actions taken.  
  • The date of the Awards Dinner was confirmed to be 19 May 2018. 
Growing Participation
Charlie Matters Update
The Paper updating the Board on the data sharing project was taken as read.  Mike Stoddard suggested that clear lines of project management responsibility be communicated.  Andy Tapley requested that a good cross section of clubs, including smaller clubs, be used for the pilot in March.

Increased Visibility
Vitality Women’s World Cup
Jon Cockcroft highlighted one of the challenges regarding crowd flow which is currently being worked through and confirmed that the venue and MJ Events were responsible for the security of the venue and he was confident that policies and protocols were in place.  He confirmed that the licence holder (Lee Valley) had overall responsibility for security and terrorism.  The financial risk around new cladding requirements is currently being investigated.
Pro League
Paper taken as read. Jon Cockcroft confirmed that FIH are committed to securing broadcast deals by the end of the year.  Sally Munday asked for volunteers from the Board to form a steering group.

International Success
Bridging the Gap
Paper taken as read. Discussion was had regarding the concerns of some of the premier league clubs and further consultations are taking place, a decision is expected early spring 2018.  Further discussion took place around the part that the EHL plays in our strategic aims and the review of the EHL calendar.  

Strong and respected NGB
Management accounts
Paper taken as read. Ian Wilson highlighted positive year-end Audit.
Budget 2017/18
The Board approved the 2017/18 Budget.
Risk Register
Ian Wilson highlighted the new risk around athlete welfare and Richard Sykes requested that “Reputation” be added as a strategic risk to the risk register.
A working group has been established and is currently working through an audit of data.  Members of the group have attended external seminars and once guidance from ICO has been received, England Hockey will prepare guidance for clubs and associations. 
Code of Good Governance
Royston Hoggarth confirmed that good progress had been made and there was some understanding from Sport England regarding elected members and appointed members.  Ian Wilson highlighted the Diversity Action Plan and requested feedback and Richard Sykes requested that Diversity be a regular Agenda item for discussion.
International Influencing
Paper taken as read.
The Board approved support for the two nominations.
Committee Updates 
Paper taken as read and Katy Roberts requested that Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee be included in the report.
Health & Safety
A good response to Clubs on the injury monitoring scheme had been received and it was suggested that the guidance be reviewed so that it is more encouraging.
Board Effectiveness Review (Sean O’Hare joined the meeting)
SO’H clarified the process, referred to the reports and asked for comments and questions.  There was some discussion about the recommendations, in particular the size of the Board and protocols around the process for Non-Exec meetings outside of the Board meetings.  

  • Andy Tapley asked for clarification on strategy work in light of reduced funding.  Sally Munday confirmed that the Board would hold a Strategy Day in 2018.
  • Neville Wrench asked for an update on progress on the changes to the disrepute regulations.  Ian Wilson confirmed that the composition of the Cons and Reg Committee was to be reviewed first.
  • With regard to the AGM Resolution, Ian Wilson confirmed that face to face consultation meetings and surveys had been undertaken and the expectation is responses from 500 Club members and 100 other bodies.  A meeting of the Working Group will be convened in December to review the results.
  • The meeting closed at 3.45pm.