AGM Governance Resolution - Review update

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At the 2017 AGM a resolution was put forward by members asking for a review of the governance of the sport at a local level. The following resolution was passed supported by 99% votes:

“This resolution proposes that England Hockey review the sport's current governance structure across the country so that it provides the best opportunity to develop the sport; increasing participation levels and the chances of sustained success at national and international level while safeguarding participants and giving members the best possible experience in the 21st century.”

England Hockey set up a working group chaired by Liz Pelling, England Hockey Vice President, to lead the review and they appointed Yew Consulting to conduct a survey of members’ views through an online questionnaire and a series of nationwide meetings. That research has now concluded and an Executive Summary Report of the findings can be found here. If you would like a copy of the full report please email

The Report was considered by the Board of England Hockey in January and they have accepted the findings and asked the Working Group to develop some underlying principles of good governance which can be used to address the issues highlighted in the Report. Once developed, the Working Group will consult with members on the principles this summer.

What next?
A summary of the Report findings and an update on progress will be presented to this year’s AGM on 20 March at Bisham Abbey.