England Hockey 2018 AGM - Minutes

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Meeting name: England Hockey Annual General Meeting
Venue: Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre
Date: 20 March 2018  
Lead: Sue Bodycomb
Note taker: Helen Davies
Start time: 1930
End time: 2050 
1. Apologies for Absence  
The President of England Hockey, Sue Bodycomb (SB) welcomed members to the 2018 Annual General Meeting, held at Bisham Abbey, Marlow.  SB thanked everyone for coming to the AGM and apologised that Sally Munday (SMu) CEO of England Hockey was on a telephone call and would join the meeting shortly.  SB introduced the Executive Directors to the floor, Ian Wilson (IW) Finance and Administration Director, Rich Beer (RB) Development Director, Jon Cockcroft (JC) Commercial Director, Ed Barney (EB) Performance Director and the members of England Hockey Board, Royston Hoggarth (Chair), Kate Swann (Independent Non-Executive Director), Richard Sykes (Independent Non-Executive Director), Mike Stoddard (Membership Elected NonExecutive Director), Andy Tapley (Membership Elected Non-Executive Director) and the two Vice Presidents, Liz Pelling and Chris Todd.   
Those in attendance: 
CLUBS  Ashford (Middlesex) Hockey Club Old Sihillians Hockey Club Banbury Hockey Club Oxford Hockey Club Cannock Hockey Club Phoenix & Ranelagh Hockey Club Canterbury Hockey Club Sheffield Hallam Hockey Club Guildford Hockey Club South Berkshire Hockey Club Hampstead & Westminster Hockey Club Stone Hockey Club Lansdown Hockey Club Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club London Wayfarers Hockey Club West Hampstead Hockey Club Marlow Hockey Club Wimbledon Hockey Club   HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS  East Hockey Association  Oxfordshire Hockey Association Hertfordshire Hockey Association Southern Counties Hockey Association Midlands Hockey Association  Staffordshire Hockey Association Middlesex Hockey Association  Warwickshire Hockey Association North Hockey Association  
In addition 36 members had appointed the Chair to act as their proxy. 
Apologies were received from the following: 
Andy Hunt England Hockey Independent Non-Executive Director Katy Roberts England Hockey Membership Elected Non-Executive Director 
CLUBS  Ashby Hockey Club Mannamead Hockey Club Barton Hockey Club Mendip Hockey Club Buckingham Hockey Club New Forest Hockey Club Cambridge Nomads Hockey Club Painswick Hockey Club Chippenham Men’s Hockey Club PHC Chiswick Hockey Club Christchurch Ladies Hockey Club Phoenix Blues Ladies Hockey Club Epworth Hockey Club Phoenix (Sheffield) Hockey Club Exe Hockey Club Poole Hockey Club Harrogate Hockey Club Purley Walcountians Hockey Club Holcombe Hockey Club Rugby & EW Hockey Club Honiton Hornets Hockey Club Southport Hockey Club Kidderminster Hockey Club Surbiton Hockey Club Kingston upon Hull Hockey Club Thirsk Hockey Club Leatherhead Hockey Club Urmstone Hockey Club Leeds Adel Hockey Club Wimborne Wayfarers Hockey Club Leeds Hockey Club Winscombe Ladies Hockey Club Lowestoft Railway Hockey Club Yardley Hockey Club Maidstone Hockey Club    HOCKEY ASSOCIATIONS   Cornwall Hockey Association   Yorkshire County Hockey Association   
2. Approve the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 21 March 2017   SB advised that these had been circulated with the papers and asked for any comments on accuracy.     Matters arising  Ben Rea commented on the photo captions in the Annual Report and requested that they be more interesting. 
The minutes were approved as a true record of last year’s meeting  
3 Receive the Directors’ Annual Report 
SB summarised the past year, both the Senior Teams achieved a Bronze Medal at the European Hockey Championships in 2017 and 2018 is Commonwealth Games year and both teams will travel to the gold coast in Australia next month.   

England Hockey is to host the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup later in the year in July and the men will be attend their World Cup in India in December.  Domestically the weather has proved a little challenging in recent weeks with the snow and SB commended Stephen Barlow of England Hockey and the umpiring associations for all the reorganisation of the domestic games.  SB commented that this will be her last year as President and that she had thoroughly enjoyed her time and wishes the very best to the person who will succeed her next year.  SB handed over to Royston Hoggarth (RH), Chair of England Hockey.   
RH said that it was an interesting time to be in sport and highlighted a number of challenges which National Governing Bodies are currently facing.  England Hockey is working hard to influence at government level and the good news for hockey is that it is recognised as being one of the best governed sports.  RH highlighted the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup to be held at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in July and handed over to the Executive Directors to introduce the annual report.   
Richard Beer (RB) introduced the report highlighting to the AGM the elements of the virtuous circle: Growth in Participation, International Success and Increased Visibility which are supported by Enhanced Infrastructure and a Strong NGB and how they all interplay to help us achieve our strategic objective to become, a Nation Where Hockey Matters.   
Increasing Participation 
  • Focus has been on steadily increasing the number of schools delivering hockey 50 free teacher workshops training with over 750 teachers from both primary and secondary schools
  • Our clubs have over 143,000 players regularly playing hockey
  • Offering different ways to play hockey ie. back to hockey, walking hockey, flyerz hockey 
  • England Hockey provides a wide competitions programme 
  • During 2017 the new tiered adult championships competition was introduced 
  • Masters and mixed competitions continue to flourish  
RB handed over to Ed Barney (EB) as Performance Director  
International Success
  • 15 new senior women and 9 new senior men have joined the senior programme at Bisham Abbey. 
  • Both squads gained European Bronze medals by beating Germany in Holland
  • It’s the first time men have medalled at the Europeans since 2011  
  • EH has been working closely with the International Hockey Federation (FIH) on planning the new Hockey Pro League 
  • Both the men and women were successful in their bid to compete in the new league due to start 2019. 
  • A new GB wide elite development programme (GBEDP) was launched for the younger players aged 18 – 23, allowing them to train together  
  • U21 men finished 5th at the Euros despite remaining unbeaten 
  • U21 women won Bronze at the Euros  U18s and U16s squads all gained valuable experience competing in 6 Nations events  
  • The Player Pathway culminated in the Futures Cup with 450 of our most talented 15-18 years old competing 
  • Masters continued to impress at the Europeans with 6 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze medals 
EB handed over to Jon Cockcroft (JC) as Commercial Director  
  • Increasing Visibility 
  • 18,000 spectators attended the Hero Hockey Men’s World League  
  • Global coverage of the event showcased the sport to 500 million people on TV
  • Our major events programme continues with the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup (VHWWC) in 2018 
  • 20,000 tickets for the VHWWC were sold through a ballot a year in advance of the event and 100,000 tickets have now been applied for 
  • The stadium has been increased to accommodate over 10,000 seats 
  • 2019 will see the launch of the Hockey Pro League with 144 matches to be shown on TV.   
JC handed back to RB as Participation Director 
Enhancing Infrastructure
  • The Development Team have worked directly with over 500 clubs in 2017
  • Support has been provided from replacing pitches, to local coaching and officiating courses, to advise on safeguarding and sourcing grants. 
  • The team have run over 50 club workshops on ‘Your World Cup’ raising awareness of how clubs can be directly involved with the World Cup event  
SMu joined the meeting  
Stronger National Governing Body 
  • Aspiration is to remove our reliance on government funding  
  • As a strong NGB to be the best custodians of our sport and the meeting will be updated on last year’s AGM resolution later. 
The meeting approved the Directors’ report 
4. Receive the Finance Directors’ report and approve the Financial Statements and Auditor’s report 
Ian Wilson (IW) presented an overview of the Income and Expenditure Account to 31 August 2017 highlighting the following in the financial statements: 
  • New funding cycle commenced 1st April 2017 
  • Ring fenced UK Sport funding up from  £12.5m to £12.7m 
  • Sport England funding reduced from £10m to £9.8m (£9m on like for like basis) - 2017/18 £2.66m; 2018/19 £2.66m; 2019/20 £2.4m; 2020/21 £2.1m 
  • Turnover increased from £10.8m to £11.4m due to: Grant income; Player Pathway kit sales; Courses 
  • Surplus down from £159k to £16k - £127k negative impact on surplus of revaluing foreign currency contracts. 
  • Reserves target of one year’s Sport England grant (currently £2.4m)  - Reserves now £1.7m; General Reserves £1.6m; Major events £0.1m 
  • Cash balances up from £1.8m to £2.2m 
  • Fixed assets up from £66k to £346k IW recommended the financial statements in the Annual Report as a good and easier to read summary of the statutory accounts. Chris Witty asked if England Hockey would use the home matches of the Pro League to pay for the cost of the travel for the away games.  IW said that the costs of the travel is covered by the ring fenced funding from UK Sport and any monies received from the home matches through ticketing will be reinvested back in to the sport.  Chris Witty asked what the situation was with the men’s shirt sponsor, JC confirmed that EH is in discussion with a potential sponsor.  SMu said that it is important to recognise that the teams currently do a lot of travel and there will be an increase in their travel but not a significant jump to what they are currently undertaking.
The meeting approved the Finance Directors’ report  
5. Approval of resolution to authorise the Board to re-appoint HaysMacintyre as Auditors and to approve their remuneration. 
The meeting formally approved the reappointment of Hays Macintyre as Auditors and approved their remuneration.  
Votes in favour:  63 Votes against:  0 
6. Approval of the resolution to increase the England Hockey affiliation fee by 1.5% for the 2018/19 season.  (Free affiliation for new teams in their first season was approved at the 2013 AGM and will continue)  
The meeting formally approved the increase in the affiliation fee by 1.5%  
Votes in favour:   58 Votes against: 5 
7. Approval of the special resolution: This special resolution agrees that the Articles of England Hockey be amended in line with the draft dated 20 March 2018 circulated to members 
IW gave a brief background of the changes, highlighting that the amendments were required to meet Sport England and UK Sport’s Governance Code which was now a condition of receiving public funds. All other publicly funded sports had met the Code and hockey would complete its compliance if the new Articles were approved.   IW highlighted a summary of the changes: 
  • The Board will appoint its Chair 
  • A new Appointment’s Committee will have a majority of independent directors
  • The Audit committee will become a sub-committee of the Board
  • The Articles will become gender neutral 
  • A Quorum is defined more clearly.
The meeting formally approved the Special Resolution to amend the articles . 
Votes in favour:  63 Votes against: 0 
8. Confirmation of the election of the Membership Elected Non-Executive Directors. Mike Stoddard and Andy Tapley were re-elected unopposed as Non- Executive Directors Andy Hunt was re-appointed as an Independent Director by the Board.  9. Any other business (with the permission of the Chair) - to include update on the 2017 AGM governance resolution. Liz Pelling (LP), Vice President of England Hockey updated the meeting on the 2017 AGM governance resolution. That resolution proposed that England Hockey review the sport's current governance structure across the country, so that it provides the best opportunity to develop the sport; increasing participation levels and the chances of sustained success at national and international level while safeguarding participants and giving members the best possible experience in the 21st century 
Following the 2017 AGM, a working group was established and this consists of Liz Pelling (VP), RB, IW, Andy Tapley (NED), Richard Sykes (iNED), Neville Wrench (Chair, RCC) and Christine Fisher (independent).  The scope of the review was established and research undertaken.  Yew Consulting was commissioned to produce a survey and 1/3 of clubs provided a response and 100 governance bodies.  Consultation evenings were held during the year and from these consultation evenings a set of principles and requirements have been developed.  The executive summary can be found on the England Hockey website, a full report is available on request at agm@englandhockey.co.uk.   
LP highlighted the findings of the report.  
The sport is not in crisis but there are areas in which it can be improved 
  • 100 governance bodies 
  • Overly complicated 
  • Inconsistent 
  • Lack of clarity 
  • Accountability 
  • Communications 
A set of High Level Principles are being developed which will underpin any changes and these will be the subject of the next phase of consultation. Current thinking on the principles: 
  • As National Governing Body England Hockey has overall responsibility for the sport in England  
  • Clarity of accountability of all organising bodies to their stakeholders and ultimately to England Hockey  
  • Simplification should be the aim to make it easier for all involved 
  • Clarity of purpose is key for all organising bodies 
  • There is a key role for local organisation and decision making 
  • A consistncy of overarching policies, rules and regulations for all aspects relating to playing hockey 
  • Common principles of governance for all organising bodies  
Underneath the principles, more detailed requirements will be developed – for example:
  • Clarity – All organisations should have a clarity of purpose, and where appropriate consistency of process, aligned to a nationally agreed framework of roles and responsibilities.  
  • Transparency – Bodies must allow visibility of key decisions and finance matters through their website to member bodies 
A timeline was summarised and LP thanked the members of the working party and all of those who had responded to the survey.  
SB asked the meeting for any questions 
Jackie Batton (Pheonix and Ranelagh) asked if the principles will be hooked into Clubmark and that consistency will be ensured.  LP confirmed that if something is working well it will not be unpicked and the resolution will help in the sharing of best practice.   
Jim Jarrett – Hertfordshire Hockey Association identified that in previous years leagues used to meet to discuss common problems, will the resolution allow for this to occur in the future. RB responded that England Hockey had met with regional leagues in January and Andy Tapley said that, firstly, a consistency of overarching principles is required and the leagues have become incredibly complex. The principles have just been formed and the detail of how this will be developed is yet to be looked at. 
LP confirmed that a further update will be given at the AGM in 2019. 
SMu thanked the clubs for everything they do and the Board for the role they play, the Executive Directors for stepping in at short notice on the evening and the staff of England Hockey who work really hard to achieve everything needed.   
Ben Rea (Wimbledon) requested on behalf of the masters that more attention be given to the international masters teams in the Annual Report. 
Melinda Rock (Guildford) commented that they had seen an amazing growth in the junior section and requested that the centralised calendar be more aligned and respected.  RB said that this was one of the areas of feedback received from the governance resolution and will take this on board.  Melinda also requested for England Hockey to look at the possibility of hosting one high level national competition for juniors.  
Sally Tippen (East Hockey Association) who has played masters for about 5 years and, is in a fortunate position to be able to afford the expense of trips, requested that England Hockey reviewed sponsorship for masters.  JC said that he is happy to discuss directly with any masters who have any potential sponsors, but England Hockey needs to be mindful of those who are current sponsors and any potential clashes   
SB closed the meeting at 2050.