2019 Investec Girls' Schools Championships Set To Begin

Repton win 2018 Investec Girls' U18 Schools Championship
The sun is set to shine bright over Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre as the Investec Girls’ Schools Championships returns for another year.

With 44 games spread over three days, 32 teams are battling it out to be one of seven champions crowed by the conclusion of the tournament on Thursday 28 February.

The action starts on the Tuesday with the U14 Tier 1 and Tier 2 events taking place. This will then be followed by the U16 Tiers 1-3 and U18 Tier 1 and Tier 2 tournaments, which start on the Wednesday and conclude on the Thursday.

The U14 Tier 1 Championships, U14 Tier 2 Championships and U16 Tier 3 Championships are round robin tournaments leading to a final. The U16 and U18 Tier 1 Championships see the conclusion of knockout competitions. The U16 and U18 Tier 2 Championships are also knockout tournaments for early round losers in the Tier 1 Championships.

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