How can we work together to ensure the next generation can shine?

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The past few weeks have been tough for everyone. Emotionally, socially, economically – these are unprecedented times, with an uncertain future to follow. The health and wellbeing of the hockey community continues to be at the forefront of our minds.

We know hockey plays an important part in the lives of people of all generations. From a talent and performance perspective, we know that, for many young people, time on the hockey pitch is a highlight of the week. We are keen to support everyone during this period, and that includes supporting the right decisions at every level so we can all look forward to getting back on the pitch when it is safe to do so.

As we look to the future, from a talent and performance perspective, we aspire to create exciting and engaging times on the pitch for all young people; more effective talent development; and, ultimately, more magic moments – those feelings of pride and enjoyment on the pitch.

We know that the health and vibrancy of the sport and the quality of junior talent development is intrinsically linked to the quality and breadth of provision by schools and clubs. We also recognise the invaluable support that parents, guardians and many others are able to provide to young players. This is something that England Hockey is hugely appreciative of as players progress towards international representation.

Looking to the future, one inherent reality for sport is the need to evolve, progress and strive to be better. At England Hockey, we believe there is an opportunity to support young and talented players more effectively and see more exceptional young players develop across the country. With this in mind, the England Hockey Performance and Talent team is keen to hear from the hockey community about how the talent and performance side of the sport can evolve. How we can all work together to support young hockey players, and how we can have more impact over the coming years.

As a first step, we will shortly be sharing a ‘Talent Survey’ to capture thoughts from across the hockey family. The main questions focus on what are the critical factors and experiences required of junior talent development and how can we more effectively attract, develop and support young players to achieve their potential?

The aim of the survey is to learn from the knowledge and experience of our hockey community. The feedback gathered will serve as a base to reflect and consider what changes could be required in order to build on the strengths of current provision.  We would be delighted to hear from as many people as possible: players and former players, club administrators, club coaches, school coaches, parents and anyone with an understanding of developing talented players.

The Talent Survey is live now and will be open until Thursday May 28th.

Click here to take part.

Please take the time to get involved, have your say and help to shape how we can work together for the development of future generations of talented players.