England Hockey Board Meeting Synopsis - September 2010

England Hockey Board Meeting Synopsis - September 2010


Members Present: Philip Kimberley, David Faulkner, Sally Munday, Katie Dodd, Chris Darling, Ian Wilson, Ben Rea, Holly Woodford, Sue Catton, Jonathan Cockcroft

In attendance: Simon Mason and Richard Leman 

Apologies: Simon MacQueen, Andy Tapley, Nick Chilton,

Minutes of 27 July 2010 meeting  
a) Accuracy
The minutes were approved with some minor amendments:

b) Matters arising and Action Items
Ian Wilson confirmed that the Companies Act limits changes to the Articles relating to proxy votes and that the current system is unlikely to be changed.

Declarations of Interest
Sue Catton and Richard Leman declared their interest in certain agenda items.

1. Help our Clubs and associations to develop and thrive
“Grow Your Own Club Day”
Sally Munday provided an update on the first England Hockey ‘Grow Your Own Club Day’ which saw 160 clubs participate for the first time in an open day to promote club awareness.  All participating clubs were provided with a support pack and guidance and Leighton Buzzard was chosen as a spotlight club.  England Hockey employees took branded resources to showcase the club around the town.  The pilot was extremely positive and while there was not a huge central marketing effort this year the plan in future is to hold this event at every club at the same time with a big PR push from EHB.  

It was confirmed that ClubsFirst clubs were not the only target clubs.  It was suggested that each club have an ‘activator’ to co-ordinate activities.  It was also recognised that interest would be considerably increased if international players were involved in some capacity, along with local press.  

2. Achieve International Podium Success

a. Report re Women’s Champions Trophy
David Faulkner provided a report on the recent WCT event and highlighted the success of the team in achieving a first ever medal in this event.  

b. Report re Men’s Champions Trophy
David Faulkner reported on the team’s silver medal in Germany.  

The Board also discussed the need to ensure we maximise opportunities to raise the profile of the game and the players; it was felt that the next 6 week window was critical to lobby / brand teams especially with regard to funding and it was important to agree a co-ordinated message 

c. World Cup Women
David Faulkner gave a verbal report on the Women’s World Cup in Argentina. 

d. National Performance Centres Review
Peter Nicholson provided the Board with a review of the NPC programme over the last two years.  The original target was to have 6 centres with 20 athletes at each centre across the country.  PN now believes that it is more likely that we will support 4 NPCs with Senior Regional Performance Centres providing additional support for 18-23 yr olds.  The number of athletes based at the NPCs is now 36 and this is considered to be within the ideal (34/40) for ongoing performance development, taking into account ins and outs.  Although there are limited places available within the senior teams PN is confident that the programme is delivering.  

National Age Group Programmes 
Despite some of the challenges around budget, staff availability, the lack of female coaches and managing expectations through the coaching pathway, it is evident that the age group programmes are delivering athletes to an appropriate level.  In addition to 4 girls who have made it to international level recently, during the last two years 3 boys have achieved the same.  

3. Raise the sports profile and communications

a. WCT Operational Review
Sue Catton presented a paper which provided a high level strategic overview and recommendations.

It was evident that the biggest challenge was marketing of tickets both within and without the sport – despite all efforts around pricing, scheduling, etc and some impact from staff changes, it was felt that the hockey fraternity is still not getting behind supporting events.  Although both weekends were reasonably well attended, attendance during the week was below budget.  Future consideration must be given to scheduling of events around mid-week days, as this was unsuccessfully aimed at school parties at WCT.  Feedback from schools groups highlighted issues with supply cover (in view of funding cuts).  

Jon Cockcroft asked if we have any analysis on where people bought tickets and their experience; Sue Catton confirmed that UK Sport have conducted a review with Sheffield Hallam University and will provide feedback. The London 2012 email offer provided 10% of sales.  

There was further discussion around the importance of engaging with clubs, understanding the market and customer and providing an excellent experience, with consideration of the impact of complimentary activities (Hockey House) and legacy features. It needed a review of effort versus outcome. Other areas highlighted included the use of volunteers in key areas and staff time.

With regard to the committee structure, there was a discussion on the benefits or not of the organization structure.  It was agreed that the Stakeholder Board worked well, the team of partners were excellent, so too was the Policy structure and UK Sport are using it as an example of good practice.  

b. FIH Events
SM updated the board on plans for FIH events including the proposed World Series and the impact this would have on GB and the Home Countries. This was being discussed at the GB Board meeting later that day. 

c. 2014 World Cup Bid
Sally Munday provided the Board with an update following recent meetings with the FIH.  

She confirmed that submission of the bid must be by 15th October – the draft document is completed and Events for London is currently working on presentation (overlaying Eton Manor plans, etc.).  Short-listing will be completed by 8th November with a presentation just before FIH Congress.  The Panel will consist of 4 volunteers and 4 paid staff and a decision is to be made by the end of the week of Congress.

Tuesday 19th October will be the public launch of our bid.

4. Enhance the quality of governance and operations

a. Management Accounts to July 2010
The overall trend continues as in previous months.  No major changes to the forecast for the end of the year.

b. Code of Ethics review
Chris Darling is concerned that we need to consider the differences between the Associations and the way they handle issues.  It was agreed that the RCC should hold a discussion around the dissimilarities between each region’s rules and England Hockey Code of Ethics.

c. Safeguarding review
Ian Wilson outlined the review of Child Welfare cases faced by EHB. 

5. Other items

a. Executive Reports
Sally Munday provided an update on a recent meeting with the BBC and BOA attended by herself and Jonathan Cockcroft.  All 26 NGB’s attended and it was an excellent networking and planning opportunity.  The BBC confirmed that they are under no illusion that London 2012 would be huge.  1 billion people watched the Beijing opening ceremony and the expectation is that in 2012 will be more.  This is a key moment when digital TV will hit the masses and they are aiming to show every second of every sport live.  In the run up they are hoping to run a series of programmes about London including sitcoms, food programmes etc.  .  

Commercial and Membership
The 2011 Indoor Finals is to be hosted at Wembley Arena on 30th January; whilst this will be a larger venue than previously the hope is that it will be a great event and that the London location will have a positive impact on attendance.  

Active People Survey results indicate that we are showing a decline in participants, although not a statistically significant one. Further analysis of the affiliation data is to be carried out.  

M&S – Back to Sport – this initiative is being championed by Kirsty Brammer.

Finance and Admin
On line affiliation – 175 completed, 175 in progress and 28 already paid (now increased to 45). Some teething issues but move to a complete online system progressing well.

6. AOB
It was noted that Bill Colwill’s wife recently died. It was agreed to send sympathies and flowers and a representative to the funeral if possible.  
Ben Rea raised the matter of the replacement cycle of Non-Exec board members – Philip Kimberley confirmed this would be discussed at the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 13.40