England Hockey Priority & Centralised Calendar 2011-2012

The Centralised Calendar for 2011-12 is now available. In line with the Calendar Principles paper this is the Final Draft of the calendar. 

England Hockey Priority & Centralised Calendar 2011-2012

We are grateful for the feedback received and have incorporated suggested changes to Draft 1 where appropriate and feasible. These are mainly minor date changes. Two issues to note are as follows:

i. JAC dates – there are four dates allocated for JAC competition but these do not all need to be used and counties can choose the most appropriate dates for their competitions from these.

ii. EHL Play-offs - This is the tournament between the 3 Conference winners and the 9th placed team in the Premier Division. Three matches are played and this has been traditionally played over the May Bank Holiday weekend. As the Olympic Test event is being held over the May Bank Holiday weekend the event has to be moved – there are two options shown either run over separate weekends either side of Easter (v1) or the Easter weekend (v2) and this will be confirmed by EHL prior to March 2011.  

Junior dates are now fixed in this version of the calendar to assist with pre-planning of activities at county and regional level.  

Any further changes will be for unanticipated changes by external groups eg a change of date of an international tournament.   

The final calendar will be published on 1st March.