Hockey Maker FAQs

Hockey Makers England v Netherlands Investec International 2017 3
We are sure you will have loads of questions about becoming a Hockey Maker. With that in mind we have created this handy page to answer all your questions.
What are the benefits of being a Hockey Maker?
It is fun, you meet new people, you learn new skills, you can say ‘I was part of it’, you can put it on your CV, you know you are making a difference, you are part of a winning team and you will receive a Hockey Maker t-shirt.

Do I need previous experience of volunteering?
Many of the Hockey Maker roles do not require previous experience. If particular skills or experience are required, for example for some of the more specialist or technical roles, this will be clearly stated on the role description. As a volunteer you will receive a full briefing about your role.

Do I have to be able to play hockey to be a Hockey Maker?
Anyone with an interest in hockey can be a Hockey Maker and both hockey players and non-hockey players are very welcome. There are some roles where you will need to understand how to play hockey, but where this is required it will be clearly stated in the role description.

Will I receive training?
Once allocated a role every Hockey Maker will receive briefing information by email. You may also be asked to look at online training materials and/or be sent a training pack to read, particularly where the role is to support an event. These will contain all the information you need to know in advance. In addition Hockey Makers will receive an 'on the day' briefing to make sure you understand what will be taking place and what is expected of you.  

Will I get a uniform?
Every Hockey Maker will receive one of our great looking Hockey Maker t-shirts. We will ask you to wear that whenever you are a Hockey Maker.

Will I get paid and can I claim travel expenses?
All of the Hockey Maker roles are voluntary so will not be paid. You will need to make your own travel arrangements to get to your Hockey Maker activity or event and cover all of your own travel costs. Getting together with other friends who are Hockey Makers to share travel arrangements and costs is a good idea, or you can use the England Hockey Facebook forums and similar to find out if people are travelling from your area.

At some larger events where you are volunteering all day meal vouchers may be provided.  Where this applies it will be confirmed in the role description and event briefing information sent to you. 

Do I need my own insurance?
No, England Hockey has insurance which will cover you whilst you are delivering your Hockey Maker role.

I am not a UK citizen, can I still apply?
The aim of the Hockey Makers programme is to create a long term legacy of volunteers for hockey in England. Whilst application is open to anyone who is eligible to volunteer in the UK we particularly welcome applications from UK citizens and non-UK citizens who are resident in the UK and interested in supporting hockey in England. Please note that if you are a non UK citizen you must be able to provide evidence on request of your eligibility to volunteer in the UK. England Hockey is not licensed to issue certificates of sponsorship for non UK citizens wishing to volunteer in the UK.