Vision and Strategy

A Nation Where Hockey Matters
We have a clear vision, a powerful philosophy and five core objectives that all those who have a role in advancing our sport can unite behind. With UK Sport and Sport England’s investment, and growing commercial revenues, we’re ambitious about how we can take our sport forward in this Olympic cycle and beyond.

Our vision
Our vision is for England to be a ‘Nation Where Hockey Matters’. A nation where hockey is talked about at dinner tables, playgrounds and public houses, up and down the country. A nation where our sport is on the back pages of our newspapers, where children dream of scoring a goal for England’s senior hockey team, and where our performance stirs up emotion amongst the many, not the few.

England Hockey aspires to deepen the passion of those who play, deliver and follow our great sport by providing the best possible environments and the best possible experiences. Meanwhile, we want to reach out to new audiences by making our sport more visible, available and relevant and through the many advocates of hockey.

Our strategy and objectives
We believe in a ‘virtuous circle’ underpinning our sport, as pictured here:

Virtuous Circle

We know that delivering success on the international stage stimulates the nation’s pride in their hockey team and, with the right events in place, we will attract interest from spectators, sponsors and broadcasters alike. The visibility that comes from our success and our occasions will inspire young people and adults to follow in the footsteps of their heroes and, if the right opportunities are there to meet their needs, they will play hockey and enjoy wonderful experiences.

Underpinning all this is the infrastructure which makes our sport function. We know the importance of our volunteers, coaches, officials, clubs and facilities. The more inspirational our people can be, the more progressive we can be and the more befitting our facilities can be, the more we will achieve for our sport. England Hockey will enable this to happen and we are passionate about our role within the sport. We will lead, support, counsel, focus and motivate the Hockey Nation and work tirelessly towards our vision.

As a governing body, we want to have a recognisable presence to participants of the game, be that through club or association website or their communications, or through the work of the many outstanding coaches in our game, so that players understand that their club is part of a wider team working together to a common goal.

Our core objectives are as follows:

1. Grow our Participation
2. Deliver International Success
3. Increase our Visibility
4. Enhance our Infrastructure
5. Be a strong and respected Governing Body

Our philosophy brings together the broad range of work we do and shows the importance of the relationships between international and grassroots, between commercial and community. We believe that progress and success in one area helps us to achieve more in another and working together towards a shared vision will strengthen all we deliver. In reading this, we hope you will see the important part you can play.