Esselle Sports Management enter their second year of an agreement with England Hockey to provide accommodation and travel services to Slazenger EHL Clubs, and to England Hockey's National Competitions.

Esselle Sports ManagementEsselle have specific expertise in providing accommodation, travel, nutrition, and additional room booking, support for a sports performance environment.

Esselle provide quality accommodation packages for all budgets which matched England Hockey’s desire to provide ‘tailor-made’ assistance to its members, and over the course of the coming months, members will be able, through the England Hockey and Esselle web sites, to access options for all their accommodation and travel needs.

Esselle currently work for 32 Premier and Football League football teams for all their national and international requirements, several top Rugby clubs, and provide similar services to England Netball.

Please click on the link on the right to be taken to their website.

England Hockey's account manager with Esselle is:
Sean Townsend
Tel: 01257 450991
Fax: 01257 450992 
Esselle continue to provide an excellent service and we are proud to offer this opportunity to support the clubs in the Slazenger EHL.