Delivering to 14-16 Year-Olds

Hockey Futures Coach
Between the ages of 14-16 the ability and experience levels of players can vary greatly depending on whether or not they have played hockey before, and if so, what their level of experience is.
There is good evidence that effective learning can take place without direct or prescriptive intervention from the coach: The GAME is the TEACHER, the PITCH is the CLASSROOM, the COACH is the FACILITATOR.

Three key areas must be considered when delivering to players at this level:
  1. Player-centred coaching: The role of the coach is to become the facilitator, creating more open environments where the players have more say, feel valued and actively participate in their own learning. The style of telling instructions has been proven to be very ineffective and is not motivational for players
  2. Games not drills: Playing hockey is the best way to learn. Players need games that stimulate them technically, tactically, physically and cognitively in equal measure. Promote understanding of the game. Improve their perception and decision-making ability and help them learn to adapt quickly and effectively to constantly changing situations of the game
  3. Questioning: Effective questioning or 'guided discovery' simply means that the coach uses a more indirect route to gain new information. They raise awareness through open and closed questions and provide options/choices for the players, arousing their curiosity and guiding them to the answers for themselves
A range of different delivery options are available to suit the age and ability levels of the group you are delivering to:

Beginner to Intermediate
  • For a group of inexperienced group of players, it is recommended you use the In2Hockey resources and support materials as this format would be suitable for players aged 14-16 if they are beginners or have limited hockey experience
  • Rush Hockey may provide a suitable competitive format for inexperienced players, and also provides an alternative to traditional 11-a-side hockey which may appeal to some 14-16 year-olds
  • Information from the GB Coaching Club Programmes 'Engaging Games For Children' workshop will assist coaches on how to deliver fun, exciting and dynamic games to facilitate effective learning environments for beginners at this level
Intermediate to Advanced
  • Information from the GB Coaching Club Programmes 'Coaching For Club Players', 'Integrating Goalkeepers' AND 'Coaching For Talent' workshops will assist coaches by using player centred game examples to bring match play scenarios to life on a regular basis
  • Deliverers should also be aware that they can nominate players to attend a Junior Development Centre (JDC) if and when they think it is appropriate for the player’s development. A JDC is a local training centre for U13-U17 age groups.