The Umpire Development Pathway

Umpire Futures Cup 2017 2
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Many umpires are happy umpiring only at their own club. However, If you want to progress as an umpire you should join your local County Hockey Umpiring Association (HUA). As a full County HUA member you will receive a wide range of appointments and your development will be supported by experienced people. To join a county HUA, you must have completed the Level 1 Umpire course.
The next stage is to complete the Level 2 Umpire Award. Your County HUA will be able to provide details on how to do this.

A small number of umpires each year will then complete the Level 3 Umpire Award and become a member of the National Programme Umpiring Association (NPUA). Working closely with England Hockey, the NPUA is responsible for the development of umpires operating in the National Leagues.

Umpire Development Pathway