Back to Hockey Coaching

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How the informal sports setting overcomes barriers women face to participating in sport

What do females want from their coach in the informal sports setting?

What attracts and retains female participants to the informal sports setting?

Back to Hockey Coaching

We are sure that you will find the players at your Back to Hockey sessions a sociable and engaging group. On our travels across the country we have met lots of Back to Hockey players and time and time again we’ve heard individual stories of how hockey has had a positive impact for players.

The Back to Hockey coaches are vital for enhancing the player experience. Your ability to create an enjoyable environment and tailor the sessions towards the individuals will ultimately be what keeps people coming back week after week.

To the side of the page you will find a number of useful resources to download that will help you coach your group of players. Furthermore, below we have provided a few things to think about when planning and delivering your sessions.

  • The Game is the Coach: more players, less coaching
  • Less is more: less lecturing and few lines of players waiting for a go
  • Give regular praise but make it clear WHY something was done well, e.g. "That was a good pass because it went to where your teammate wanted to receive it"
  • The participants will learn by making mistakes. Mistakes are ok!
  • Allow participants to be part of the coaching process as this encourages feelings of empowerment
  • "Why?" and "How?" questions enhance the participant's ability to make their own decisions
  • Using a games-based model changes coaching from "How is this skill performed?" to "Why are we doing this?" and "How can we do it better?" without the coach always providing the answers for the players
  • It is important for coaches to allow participants to think about questions, not put anyone "on the spot" and not to answer their own questions

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