Back to Hockey for Clubs

Back to Hockey for clubs

A number of ideas to attract more players to your sessions

Here are a few ideas for an enjoyable session to ensure players keep coming back.

 Vitality, the business changing health and life insurance for good, are helping to develop grassroots hockey through their sponsorship of Back to Hockey.

If your club are offering Back to Hockey sessions between January and April 2019 please let us know the details via the following link so we are able to help promote them: Back to Hockey Session Details January to April 2019

There can be great benefits for clubs in offering Back to Hockey and here are some that you have told us about;
  • More Club Players - 40 players have started to play regularly again in just 18 months (Prescot HC)
  • More Casual Players - We can target players who just want to play for fun and do not want to commit to a club environment (Belper HC)
  • Additional Income - The pitch is already booked for other teams and we are volunteers so all subs go straight into the club's funds (Wimbledon HC)
  • Extra Publicity - It is an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of our family club in the local area (Gillingham Anchorians HC)
  • New Volunteers - Around a dozen members have supported the sessions, which is great as it also helps promote the social side (Gillingham Anchorians HC)
  • Feel Good Factor - This group have brought enthusiasm to our ladies section that, quite honestly, has turned it around (Keynsham HC)
To support clubs we have provided a number of tools to help you promote and run your sessions, including;
  • Marketing Portal: An online portal where clubs can personalise Back to Hockey marketing materials like posters and social media content to support with promotion of your sessions.
  • Top Tips for Marketing: Ideas on how and where to promote your sessions to get as many players attending as possible.
  • Coaching Ideas: Access a range of Back to Hockey specific coaching videos, activity cards and resources. To provide your coach with a variety of content to help create an enjoyable environment, tailored towards the individuals attending, to ultimately keep them coming back week after week.
  • Relationship Manager Support: Don’t forget to catch up with your local Relationship Manager to share your ideas and they can provide bespoke advice and guidance to make the most of Back to Hockey. Their contact details can be found here.