Rush Hockey for Universities

Rush Hockey University Cover Image

Hockey, but not as you know it!

It’s fast, friendly and seriously good fun. It’s 5-a-side and can be played indoors or outdoors. It’s easy to set up and with only a few simple rules Rush Hockey aims to get people playing quickly.

Rush Hockey can add to your students experience and help increase participation rates at your university in a number of ways;

  • Rush Hockey broadens your Participation Programme offer to students who wish to participate in recreational sport and can help to attract prospective students to the university.
  • Assist with social integration. Mixed genders and abilities can play together so its a great way for students to meet new people and provide a break from studies.
  • The use of Rush Hockey activators can provide students with personal development and lifelong skills which can be utilised within their careers.
  • The pop up, pop down nature of Rush Hockey means that games can be set up whenever your students have a spare 30 minutes to play! Helping you to hit your regular 1x30 minutes a week participation targets.

Check out this video from the University of Portsmouth.

The Rush Hockey equipment adds to the players experience! The design of the sticks allows them to be used as an alternative to bibs. The bigger lighter ball balls are suitable on a range of surfaces. Players who are new to the game have told us they are easier to control and less intimidating than traditional hockey balls. The smaller Rush Hockey goals means there's no need for goalkeepers and they can be set up and taken down in only a couple of minutes. Each Rush Hockey pitch pack comes in a handy kit bag with wheels for easy transportation.

All equipment is ordered directly from our official suppliers Youth Sport Direct. Visit their website and search Rush Hockey.   

To get stuck in please speak to your local Relationship Manager who's details can be found here.