Rush Hockey for Clubs & Leisure

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Hockey, but not as you know it!

Rush Hockey is fast, friendly and seriously good fun. It’s 5-a-side and can be played indoors or outdoors. Easy to set up and with only a few simple rules Rush Hockey aims to get people playing quickly.

Do you know players who want to play hockey, but can’t commit to a team? The informal nature of Rush Hockey means players can get their hockey fix at times to suit them. It doesn’t have to be the same players each week!

Your club can increase its appeal by offering more, different opportunities to play. Rush Hockey can help to attract new players who don’t necessarily want to play 11-a-side hockey.  Pay and play sessions can also be a great source of income.

Rush Hockey is all about playing games in a smaller space, so no need for coaches or full pitch hire. The smaller goals also means there is no need for goalkeepers.

Its social. The larger lighter ball allows mixed genders and abilities to play together so its a great way for players to come together and meet others. You can add to this by inviting the players to the clubs social activities.

All equipment is ordered directly from our official suppliers Youth Sport Direct. Visit their website and search Rush Hockey.

Rush Hockey is the social way to play. To get stuck in please speak to your local Relationship Manager who's details can be found here.