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Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) in Sport 


  • Safeguarding training specific to sport
  • 3 hour workshop 
  • Interactive to include basic awareness, reporting procedures and scenario based discussions.
  • Minimum requirement for Welfare Officers and Level 2 coaches.
  • Valid for 3 years.
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After 3 years, coaches are required to renew their safeguarding training. This can be completed by:

  • Re-doing SPC 1
  • Completing the online refresher course (see below)

Refresher Modules (Online)

  • Vibrant mix of video, case study quizzes and supportive feedback.
  • Features 3 modules; 'Renewal', 'Safe communication with digital kids' and 'Positive sports parents'
  • Aimed at coaches but applicable to Welfare Officers. 

The online workshops can be used as a renewal on the following basis:

-  Coaches must have completed SPC 1 within the last 3 years.
-  All 3 modules are completed and a certificate is provided as proof of completion. 

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