Checking Medication

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Your body... your responsibility
Strict liability
  • Anti-doping is not something an athlete can delegate or ignore
  • Athletes need to know about everything you put into your body
  • Athletes are solely responsible for any banned substance found in your system
How to check your medication
You can check the status of your medication using Global Drug Referencing Online (Global DRO). By simply searching using the brand name or ingredient, you will be provided with up to date information about whether the item is prohibited/not prohibited and if in competition or out of competition. 

Global DRO cannot be used for supplements (see supplement tab). The website is mobile friendly enabling you to check medications on the go.

For more information, visit the Checking Medications section of the UKAD website.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)
Athletes competing at certain levels are required to complete a TUE form prior to competing. A TUE form is required if an athlete is prescribed a prohibited substance (for which no alternative is available) for a legitimate medical condition. This will be highlighted when checking medication using Global DRO. 

You will be informed if you are required to complete a TUE. 

Further information regarding TUE's can be found on the UKAD website by clicking here.