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What are the key changes to the Coach Development Pathway?

Our previous qualification terminology suggests a hierarchical nature to the development of coaches, (i.e. Level 1, 2, 3 and 4) and did not cater for the differing groups or capabilities that a coach delivers to.

The renaming of qualifications and the introduction of a wider coach development pathway involving many more specific development opportunities will better equip coaches with what is needed to deliver in certain environments.

The emphasis of the new courses is on helping coaches to deliver fun, engaging and developmental sessions for players. The activities have been designed to provide:
  • A player-centred approach
  • A games rather than drills culture – it should look and feel like the game!
  • Questioning style
We believe a skilled coach uses all three components and over time continues to advance their development in these areas to provide the best possible experience and learning environments for the players that they are coaching.

Structure of courses
You told us that courses need to have maximum ‘pitch time’ and more home study time to allow for coaches to learn in their own time. This will reduce the length of courses and reduce the amount of travel to and from days of courses.

We have also built in flexible assessment methods so the coach will be supported through to completion of the qualification after attending the course.

We have also reviewed our position with regard to insurance of coaches. Coaches will be now able to insured to coach independently on completion of the new Sessional Coach Qualification. This will make it easier and cheaper for coaches to become insured.

1. I currently have UKCC England Hockey L1, 2 or 3 (gained before May 2015), what are my options?

I have UKCC England Hockey Level 1
If you are currently leading sessions then attend the UKCC England Hockey Sessional Coach or UKCC England Hockey Coach based on your current role.  You may also benefit from attending a Coaching Club Workshop for the population you are coaching, i.e. Children, Club or Adult Participation, to gain further knowledge and support.

If you are currently helping out coaches with coaching sessions or delivering hockey sessions in an informal environment (i.e. Cubs, Beavers, youth club) then attend our Coaching Club Workshops to give you the support, knowledge and confidence in your role and deliver a player-centred experience.

I have UKCC England Hockey Level 2
Attend a Coaching Club Workshop for the population you are coaching, i.e. Children, Club or Adult Participation, to gain further knowledge and support.

Attend the UKCC England Hockey Sessional Coach or UKCC England Hockey Coach to gain an insight into the new coaching philosophy across England Hockey

I have UKCC England Hockey Level 3
Attend a Coaching Club Workshop for the population you are coaching, i.e. Children, Club or Adult Participation, to gain further knowledge and support, or attend the Advanced Coach Programme to gain knowledge on how to create effective learning environments to support coaches in the creation of more, better and happier players.

2. Where does my existing UKCC qualification fit within the new Coach Development Pathway?

Previous UK England Hockey Level One - Introduction to Hockey Coaching
Previous UK England Hockey Level Two - UKCC England Hockey Coach
Previous UK England Hockey Level Three - Great Britain Advanced Coach Programme

3. What is the existing Coach Development Pathway?
Please click here for more information.

4. I cannot find the course/workshop I want anywhere near me – how do I find out when the next ones near to me will be?

You can sign up to receive a notification when a workshop is put on in your area here, where you will receive updates every time a new course or workshop is organised in the areas you specify and then you can stop the updates via a usual email unsubscribe process.

Also, remember the following bits of advice:

  • Sessional Coach and England Hockey Coach Courses generally only run between late April and early September to help get coaches ready for the new season, whereas the workshops, which are more bitesize learning, tend to be run more during the season
  • On Demand workshops (Introduction to Hockey Coaching, Engaging Games for Children) can be requested by clubs to be run (assuming there is at least 10 weeks’ notice given). So if there is no workshop near you soon, why not organise one, perhaps linking up with other local clubs to make sure enough people fill the course?

5. What skills and experience do I need to get on the course?
Please click here for the requirements for the Sessional Course and here for the Coach Course

6. What is the cost of coach development opportunities?
Introduction to Hockey Coaching – £75 for members and £90 for non members
UKCC England Hockey Sessional Coach - £240 for members and £299 for non members
UKCC England Hockey Coach - £380 for members and £460 for non members
Coaching Club Programme Workshops - £38 for members each £48 for non members

For more information and how to purchase coaches membership please click here.

7. Are the courses practical?
Yes all the courses and workshops are practical.

8. What happens if I cannot attend one or more of the days of the course?

Please refer back to the Terms and Conditions of your booking if you are unable to attend the whole course.

Learners are required to attend all days of a course or workshop and are unable to be transferred across to alternative dates, except in exceptional circumstances where appropriate evidence will be required.

9. What happens if I am injured?
This will be looked at on a case by case basis so if you can please get in touch with England Hockey in advance of the course so we can review the situation and advise the tutor as necessary.

10. How do I get assessed?
UKCC England Hockey Sessional Coach - 20 minutes on course, plus E-portfolio
UKCC England Hockey Coach - 40 minutes coaching children off course, plus E-portfolio

11. How can I keep my knowledge current?

Follow @coachandinspire or register for FREE on Hockey Hub.

12. How long is a registration period of a course?
The course must be completed within 18 months of the course start date and it is the coach's responsibility to ensure their assessment and e-portfolio are completed by this date. We recommend that coaches aim to complete within 6-12 months.

13. How old do I have to be to attend a course or a workshop?
To attend the EH Sessional Coach Course or the EH Coach Course you must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the course.

To attend a Great Britain Coaching Club Workshop you must be 16 years of age or older at the time of the course.

14. What happens if I want to upgrade from the EH Sessional Coach to the EH Coach Course, do I have to attend the full course again?
England Hockey are looking at ways to allow people to move between the different coursesand would hope this to be as flexible and accessible as possible.

15. I attended a previous UKCC Course but did not complete, what are my next steps?
Due to the changes in the content of the courses we would recommend you find the best option for yourself from the new Coach Development Pathway based on the role you are hoping to fulfill.

16. What do you offer for GK coaches?
Our current recommendation is to attend the Integrating GKs course, we are currently looking at our coach development provision for GK coaches and hope to have more information later in 2017.

17. Do I need insurance and can I coach independently?
EH strongly recommends that no coach except those accredited at UKCC Level 2, EH Coach or EH Sessional Coach or above should coach independently.  EH also strongly recommends that all coaches are insured as an individual or through a club.

18. I am under 18 and interested in coaching?
EH recommends that you attend workshops from the GB Coaching Club Programme and the Introduction to Hockey Coaching Course alongside gaining experience through supporting other coaches until you are 18 and able to attend a course to coach independently.

19. What if I do not meet the pre-requisites for a course?
If you do not meet the criteria above but feel you hold other relevant skills and experience to gain a place on the course please DO NOT book online, please download and complete the application form here and return to coaching@englandhockey.co.uk. A member of the coaching team will then get back in touch to let you know if you have been successful in this application or to recommend another option from the coach development pathway.