Flyerz Hockey Tools & Resources

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To help clubs who run Flyerz sections or those thinking of starting to deliver Flyerz activity we have pulled together a number of tools and resources from partners such as the Activity AllianceSports Coach UK, Access Sport, Disability Sports Coach and Sport England.

How to integrate Flyerz Hockey into your club
A step-by-step guide produced by Access Sport and Forest Flyerz, in collaboration with England Hockey, that guides clubs through the process of starting up Flyerz hockey.
Promoting Your Sessions 
Access a free online portal where you can personalise marketing items like posters and social media content to support your club in promoting Flyerz to the local community.

Inclusion Club Hub
A tool created by Activity Alliance to help clubs include more disabled people in their activities. It can be used in a variety of ways including to audit your club to see how inclusive you are or as a resource to support your club's development. This toolkit will give you ideas, methods and resources to ensure everyone has a positive club experience.

Safeguarding Young People and Adults
England Hockey have a range of supporting information and resources available to clubs to ensure players enjoy their hockey in a safe and welcoming environment. For more information please click below;

Coaching awareness top tips
Sports Coach UK’s specific impairment guidance to allow you to be more informed in your approach to being a more inclusive coach. Alongside this Brighton and Hove Hockey Club have created 40 hockey specific sign languages for deaf players, which can be accessed here.

Elearning: Disability Awareness in Sport
An online course, provided by Disability Sport Coach, designed to help you learn about different types of disability, examine social attitudes and barriers towards disabled people and the use of appropriate terminology. You will also explore practical ways to make your coaching inclusive through the Inclusion Specrum and STEPS principals and identify how different types of communication can also impact on this. Click the heading for full information.

Access Sport - Disability Inclusive Language
Some useful guidance and advice on correct terminology. Available to download from here. 

Inclusive Communications
The way in which disabled people access communications may be different to non-disabled people; and people with different impairments have different needs or experience different ‘barriers’ to accessing information. Activity Alliance have produced a video to show the tools and tactics sports providers can use to let more people know about the inclusive activities they offer, and crucially make it clear that their activity offers a welcome environment for everyone.

This is supported by a guide to inclusive communications to assist providers to reach a wider audience, including more disabled people. To access the guide click here.

Coaching People With Autism
Tips for including people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) in your sessions. ASC is a lifelong developmental disability that can affect the way a person communicates and relates to others. It is called a spectrum as it shows itself in such a wide variety of ways, ranging from individuals who are pedantic about certain things to those with Asperger syndrome. Access the tips here.

Talk to Me
Activity Alliance has released its ‘Talk to Me’ report, which outlined 10 principles that sports providers could follow to help make their sport or activity more appealing to disabled people. Click the title to see an overview of the principles or click here to see them in action.