Facilities Strategy

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Please download our Facilities Strategy which is all about having the right pitches in the right places.

Vision - Every hockey club in England to have appropriate and sustainable facilities that provide excellent experiences for players.

Mission - More, better, happier players with access to appropriate and sustainable facilities.

For information about our facilities strategy please download the booklet 

There will be three key objectives for the facilities strategy to help retain existing players and attract new ones to the game.

1) Protect
To safeguard existing hockey provision.

We currently have around 1000 pitches that are used by hockey clubs, including University teams. We need to retain the current provision where appropriate to ensure that hockey is maintained across the country. Tactics for supporting this will include:

  • Working with hockey clubs on their facilities partnerships
  • Influencing Playing Pitch Strategies (PPS)
  • Continuing a strong relationship with the FA on a local and national level to identify priorities
2) Improve
To improve the existing facilities stock both at grassroots and elite level.

The current facilities stock is ageing and there needs to be strategic investment into refurbishing pitches and ancillary facilities. More support is required for clubs to obtain better agreements with facilities providers and to receive better education about owning and maintaining an asset. Tactics for supporting this will include:

  • Targeted investment through England Hockey and other key funding partners
  • Education around asset owning including when it is appropriate for clubs to asset own as opposed to hire facilities
  • Improving the administration and business planning with asset owning organisation to ensure there are appropriate finances in place for the replacement of the surface
  • Developing stronger partnerships between hockey clubs and the asset owner, recognising that many clubs are the single user of an artificial grass pitch
  • Strategic investment into pitches that provide opportunities to deliver our Player Pathway
  • Supporting clubs in the National Leagues to achieve the facilities Elite Operating Standards requirements
3) Develop
To strategically build new hockey facilities where there is an identified need and ability to deliver and maintain. This might include consolidating hockey provision in a local area where appropriate.

The research has identified key areas across the country where there is a lack of suitable hockey provision and there is a need for additional pitches. There is an identified demand for multi-pitches in the right places to consolidate hockey and allow clubs to have all of their provision catered for at one site. The tactics for supporting this will include:

  • Targeted investment through the Capital Investment Programme and other key funding partner
  • Mapping of sites through research and priority areas
  • Clear rationale developed and implemented that identifies where multi-pitches should be place

For information how we will be achieving these objectives please find the facilities strategy booklet here.