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The ACP will provide a two-year challenge for a limited number of coaches offering structured development and learning that will stretch and develop them, within their chosen coaching environments.
This is not about certificates, this is about growing more effective coaches, embedding a climate of continuous self-improvement and forging long term coaching connections within hockey through ongoing mentoring and support.

The curriculum will be modular and will meet the needs of coaches that are working in many different environments, some of which will cross over. Therefore, the cross-curricular approach will address the demands of coaching within junior participation, talent pathway, talent development, club participation and performance domains.

A GB Hockey appointed mentor will help steer the learner and will be a key part of the whole process. Throughout the whole Programme, peer support and interaction will be an essential factor, whether virtually or in person, and can be used according to the needs and aims of each individual learner.

Coaches will graduate from the programme which will recognise their commitment to development and new coaching expertise, combined with an action plan for their onward journey. This in turn will build strong attachments and will service the needs of our sport in an optimal way. The programme will draw recognition for the quality of coaches it produces.