Lee Valley hockey and Tennis Centre

Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre
Since 2014 the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre - a London 2012 legacy venue - has been the home of English hockey.

Set in the Queen Elizabeth Park and boasting two world-class pitches, the venue has become home to a number of clubs in East London, an area that has traditionally struggled for good quality hockey facilities.

Each year it is home to the national league and knockout finals and has also played host to a number of international events, including the 2015 EuroHockey Nations Championship in which England's women won gold.

There will be yet more excitement in 2018 as the venue will host the Women's Hockey World Cup. We have provided you with some information below that you need to know before coming to see what promises a spectacular tournament.

Getting to Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre
Click here to download a map of the walking route from Stratford Station to the venue and click here to download a detailed description of the walking route.

Last mile map 2017

Local Car Parks
Please note that parking on site is reserved for participating teams. The closest car park is with is within a 20 minute walk of the venue and can be found out Westfield Stratfield City. The postcode is E20 1EJ.

Security Checks

  • For your safety we will conduct bag searches and pat downs with wands
  • Please remove any metal objects and mobile phones from pockets

General Rules of Entry

  • Only bags that can fit under seats in the stand will be permitted
  • We reserve the right to deny entry to or remove anyone who is, or suspected to be, intoxicated by alcohol/under the influence of banned substances
  • Only assistance dogs are permitted

The following are not permitted within the venue: 

  • Any article likely to cause injury
  • Any article prohibited under law
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Glass bottles or cans
  • Aerosols or gas canisters
  • Whistles or air horns
  • Large flags/banners
  • Alcohol (unless purchased on site)

Venue Regulations

  • Smoking is not permitted, including e-cigarettes
  • The behaviour of spectators shall comply with the terms of the England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviour
  • We reserve the right to remove spectators who do not abide by the Code or who are in possession of any items above
  • No alcohol purchased within the venue can be taken off the site