Masters Championships

Barford Tigers v Stourport EH Champs MO50s T2 2018
The beauty of hockey is that anyone can play and our Masters Championships are a great opportunity for players to come together when they would not normally play on a Saturday afternoon and renew old rivalries.
The Investec Women’s Championships are open to O35s and O45s teams and the Men’s Championships to O40s, O50s and O60s sides.

Flexibility around player eligibility regulations means that friends can come together from a number of teams within a club, or even from different clubs, to create a squad to participate. Please check the regulations under Related Links & Documents for more information about guest players and player eligibility.

What are the changes for 2019/20?
There are no significant changes from 2018/19. The Masters Championships were a great success last season with a number of teams competing across the different Tiers suited to them.

The Tiered system allows teams to pick a level of competition suited to them based on their knowledge of their players.

Tier 1 is appropriate for the competitive clubs who are looking to bring together a strong competitive squad.

Tier 2 is more suitable for those who are still competitive but maybe less serious and the priority is to have a game of hockey with their peers on a Sunday afternoon.

The competition dates for 2019/20 are available to view and download in the Related Links & Documents section.

The entry system closes on 22 September.

Entry fees
Masters Championships: £76.00

If you have any queries, please email