Masters Championships

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Masters Championships

The beauty of hockey is that anyone can play and our Masters Championships provide a great platform for players to come together in their age groups and renew old friendships and rivalries. The Championships details document in the Related links & documents section provides more detail on each specific competition.

Men's Over 40s & 50s and Women's Over 35s Tier 1

2020/21 will see a format change for these Tier 1 Championships. Rather than the traditional straight knock out format, pools will be introduced. Teams will form pools of 4 or 5 teams which will be generated based on geography with a mixture of home and away fixtures. Knockouts will be reintroduced for the latter stages after the completion of the pools. Teams that enter Tier 1 and lose their first match will no longer move into Tier 2, given the round robin nature of the pools.

More guaranteed games in the earlier stages and greater variance in opposition should lead to a stronger competition with more entries. This is the premier competition for this age group. Stricter player eligibility regulations are in place but, with the guarantee of more matches regardless of the result in your first match, it may be worth mixing it with the best this season.

Men's Over 40s & 50s and Women's Over 35s Tier 2 & 3

These competitions will continue to run as they have done previously. However, teams will no longer filter down from Tier 1. Teams that enter directly into Tier 2 are still assured of two games, as if you lose your first match you will be entered into the Tier 3 plate competition for at least one further match.

Greater flexibility in the player eligibility regulations for Tier 2 offers clubs with smaller master’s sections the chance to register guest players in order to form a team and fulfil fixtures against like-minded clubs.

Men's Over 60s and Women's Over 45s Tier 1 & 2

These competitions will continue to run as they have done previously. All teams at these age groups enter at Tier 1 but if you lose your first match you get a second chance with a place in the Tier 2 plate competition.


The competition dates for 2020/21 are available to view and download in the Related Links & Documents section.

The entry system closes on Monday 28 September for all Masters Championships The competitions department will be in touch shortly after this time with further details of the competitions, including the much anticipated draws.

Entry fees

Masters Championships: £76.00

Enter now! - not sure how? Go to the How Do I Enter an EH Championship page.

If you have any queries, please email

***2020/21 in light of Covid-19***

We are hopeful of delivering an England Hockey Championships programme for the 2020/21 season. At present we are planning to operate a full suite of Championships over the course of a normal season, without disruption. However, it is carefully being monitored and managed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will continue to relate to England Hockey's Return to Play Roadmap to determine when exactly competitive hockey can resume.

It may still be possible that some of the Championships have to be tweaked or altered slightly in order to comply with our policies on returning to play, however, we are doing our best to avoid this and have set out the following to support clubs in participating;

Entry fee price freeze - entry fees the same as last season, no inflation or increase on last years fees!

Enter now, pay & play later - no obligation to pay entry fees until it is confirmed the competitions will be going ahead!

First come, first served - enter early to avoid disappointment! If entries have to be limited to support reformatting of competitions, this will be done on a first come first served basis!

It is important to us that we support our clubs, and hope that in return, clubs will continue to support these alternative competitions. Without your entries these competitions will not be feasible, so we ask that you, like us, continue to plan for a regular season and enter the Championships as early as possible.

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