What Can I Expect?

Hannah Martin Anna Toman speaking at 2017 Hockey World League
Before you apply for an appearance and to support your application, please consider what you would like to achieve and gain from the experience. 

You can structure your appearance how you wish, but below are some pointers to ensure you maximise an appearance if you are successful.

  • Remember an appearance is limited to two hours, meaning it is important to plan this time to ensure you can achieve all you wish. However try not to cram too much in as you will probably leave someone disappointed
  • The most popular appearance request is coaching. Our athletes are not able to lead a coaching session; however they are able to assist. Through feedback, both organisers and athletes have both agreed that to get the most out of a coaching appearance, you should allow the athlete to rotate through the coaching group, spending time with players on a more personal basis
  • Athletes are able to deliver presentations and talks during an appearance. If there is a particular theme you would like the athlete to cover please state this on your application
  • Q&A sessions are also an option and if you would like to send in prepared questions prior to an appearance, please feel free
  • Please consider how you are able to maximise any appearance through local media links. If you are successful in getting an appearance, we will send further details out on how to maximise your appearance
  • If successful, we will ensure your local Relationship Manager is aware of your appearance and they will be able to advise and support you. You can find the contact details for your local Relationship Manager here.