About The Finals

Buckingham Celebrate 2019 Jaffa Super 6s Finals
Once again the Jaffa Super 6s Finals were held at the Copper Box Arena this year on Sunday 27 January 2019.
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General Information

The top four teams in the Super 6s Premier Division will qualify for the Super 6s Finals at the Copper Box Arena in London's Olympic Park. The bottom two are relegated to Division One. Division One has two teams promoted and relegated from the division.

For Division Two, in the first weekend there will be six teams in each of the North and South divisions who play against each other. The top three teams from each division will then come together to form a National Division Two on the second weekend play for a place in Division One the following season. The top two teams from the National Division Two will be promoted, with clubs finishing third and sixth qualifying for the Division Two North and Division Two South again the following season. The six teams who failed to qualify for the National Division Two will all be relegated back to their respective regional leagues the following season.

Regional qualifying tournaments are held prior to the Super 6s Championships in December. Teams qualify and participate in the same season, offering a clear pathway for promotion.