Fan-To-Fan Resale

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Got tickets you no-longer need for this summer’s Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup? 

Desperate for a ticket to one of the sold-out sessions? Then you’re in luck.

Click here to go to the See Tickets Fan-To-Fan marketplace.

See Tickets now offers an ethical and convenient way to re-sell e-tickets, enabling fans to sell and buy spare tickets, safely and securely, at the price they paid.

When placing a ticket for re-sale, you will be prompted to add the debit card you wish monies to be transferred to. Once a ticket is sold successfully through Fan-to-Fan Marketplace, See Tickets will send payment five days after the event.

For Fan-to-Fan listings please click here. When on the website search for ‘Hockey’ or ‘World Cup’ in the Fan to Fan Listings.

Got a problem and need to speak to someone?
See Tickets are there to help. Please contact if you need any help buying or selling tickets through the Fan-to-Fan marketplace, or contact them on social media.