Inclusion & Diversity

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Hockey is proud that it is a diverse, inclusive team sport played equally by men and women and enjoyed by all regardless of gender, sexuality, age, race or religion.
England Hockey has female Non-Executive Directors, we are proud to have been at the forefront of moves to achieve gender balanced Boards. However whilst the Board has historically consistently met the Sport England and UK Sport diversity targets, the current percentage of female Directors falls outside the requirements of the new Code of Good Governance. 

England Hockey is therefore adopting a Diversity Action Plan which sets out the steps we will be taking to not only increase the number of women on our Board so that we achieve the 30% target but also steps that will encourage the recruitment of directors who can bring a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experiences to the Board. England Hockey recognises the benefits that will bring to its decision making.

Diversity on the board offers a depth and breadth of insight, perspective and experience and - in addition to age, ethnic and gender diversity - we will also value a diversity in philosophies and life experiences as well.

England Hockey is therefore committed to moving towards a Board which is both gender balanced and diverse and will be seeking the right candidates who can take hockey forwards and create our vision of “a nation where hockey matters” at the AGM in March.

England Hockey's Equality Policy
This policy is aimed at all those actively involved in any aspect of hockey activities, whether that be as an employee, volunteer, member or participant. You can view the policy by clicking here

To view EH's other policies and useful links to other organisations, see below:

UK Equality Standard
The UK Equality Standard is a framework assisting sports organisations to widen access and reduce inequalities within sport from under represented individuals, groups and communities.

England Hockey achieved the Intermediate level in April 2015 and are continuing to integrate inclusion and diversity throughout the organisation. 

Sports Charter
In March 2011 the government, together with major sporting bodies, launched a charter calling for anyone with an interest or involvement in sport to unite to tackle homophobia and transphobia in sport and aim to make sport a welcoming environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

England Hockey proudly supports this charter, which can be found here.