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Our vision at England Hockey is for every hockey club in England to have appropriate and sustainable facilities that provide excellent experiences for players. 

As restrictions are being lifted and we start to return to the pitch, it is important that we take into consideration the effect that lockdown has had on our pitches, as low or non-use of a surface can be just as detrimental as over-use. Our facilities partners, Replay have put together some useful guidance on managing any pitch related issues that may have arisen over the lockdown period which you can find here.

There are three key objectives supporting our facilities strategy to help retain existing players and attract new ones to the game. 

1. Protect - To safeguard existing hockey provision. 
We currently have around 1000 pitches that are used by hockey clubs, including University teams. We need to retain the current provision where appropriate to ensure that hockey is maintained across the country.  
2. Improve - To improve the existing facilities stock both at grassroots and elite level. The current facilities stock is ageing and there needs to be strategic investment into refurbishing pitches and ancillary facilities. More support is required for clubs to obtain better agreements with facilities providers and to receive better education about owning and maintaining pitches.

3. Develop -To strategically build new hockey facilities where there is an identified need and ability to deliver and maintain. 

Research has identified key areas across the country where there is a lack of suitable hockey provision and there is a need for additional pitches. There is an identified demand for multiple pitch provision in the right places to consolidate hockey and allow clubs to have all of their provision catered for at one site. 
Why not use this time to get in touch with our Facilities Relationship Managers to have a conversation about how you can further protect, improve and develop your club’s facilities?

Drop us an email at facilities@englandhockey.co.uk or alternatively you can contact your club’s Relationship Manager for more information.

For more information about how we will be achieving these objectives please find the England Hockey Facilities Strategy booklet here.