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The best clubs look to provide all players, umpires, coaches and volunteers with appropriate opportunities to develop specific hockey skills or take on greater responsibility.  This benefits the club but can also benefit the individual and make their experience with the club more rewarding. To do this effectively clubs need to understand people at an individual level and understand what opportunities are available for them, both within the club and externally.
Now is the time for your coaches and umpires to catch up on their personal development so head over to our Lockdown Learning for more. 

Most will already be signed up to HockeyHub, and taking advantage of the free resources and online training opportunities for coaches, umpires and teachers. 

Why not encourage your players to sign up to HockeyHub too?  Players understanding their coach’s terminology and why umpires blow for their foul will enhance their playing experience. 

Coach Development 
Coaching Pathway information.

Book onto online Coaching Workshops & Courses currently available during the COVID-19 lockdown – learn new coaching skills for next season in the comfort of your own home.

Umpire Development 
Umpiring information.

Check how well you know the rules of hockey by completing the free online rules test; watch the video clips and make your umpiring decision – if you’re not already an umpire you may be pleasantly surprised and enthused to book onto an online course.

Umpires, players and coaches can also book onto FREE Online educational sessions regarding rule interpretations, Q&A’s with Elite Umpires (FIH), Talks with Player Coaches about umpiring and sessions on Game Management.

Information on how to book onto these sessions is via the @EHUmpiring Twitter account.