#FlyerzWeek 2020

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#FlyerzWeek2020 was a celebration of our Flyerz player’s and club’s, whilst encouraging more people to get involved. The week began with the announcement of England and GB International Emily Defroand as a Flyerz Champion and a lots of Flyerz sharing their greatest Flyerz moments.

Tuesday evening saw our first webinar of the week focusing on making your club and your sessions inclusive. The Zoom was attended by and amazing 39 people from clubs all across Great Britain. A copy of the webinar is available on request from flyerz@accesssport.co.uk, with the key takeaways being;

Making Your Club Inclusive
  • Vary your communication – can interested families get in touch via a variety of methods phone / email / social media. 
  • Share info and updates on your Flyerz as you would other parts of the club. Like profiling on your website, social media and in club newsletters.
  • Go where the players are to introduce and promote your club. This could be SEN schools, online support groups, local disability charities and other disability sport clubs.
  • Embed Flyerz into the wider club, invite them to club functions or to watch the club play. Also invite your existing members down to Flyerz to help or see the action. This can then support them to spread the Flyerz word on behalf of the club
Making Sessions Inclusive
  • Allow everyone to take part – parents / siblings / friends. Flyerz is unique for this and helps people feel connected to the club
  • Be flexible with the rules – Don't worry about unintentional aspects like the ball touching feet or using the back of the stick.
  • Coaches and helpers – the person and their communication skills are more important than their hockey knowledge. Can they relate to and understand the challenges a player might face?
  • If you are dealing with a range of abilities, can you split them into smaller groups for parts of the sessions; can certain players act as mentors for others? Can you give certain players certain ‘challenges’ within the session so they are being stretched?
  • Be creative! This could be with equipment, rules, space.

Wednesday was all about the Flyerz Family, with testimonials, an activity idea from Tess Howard and a Flyerz Family Quiz. Olympic Goal Medalists Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh were part of the 50+ quizzers taking part.

The final webinar for the week was for new clubs who have been inspired to start a Flyerz section. More than 20 club representatives joined the session to gain practical advice and hear how current Flyerz clubs dealt with commonly perceived barriers.

A copy of the webinar is available on request from flyerz@accesssport.co.uk, with the key takeaways being;
  • There is a lot of support to get you started from England Hockey, Access Sport and the existing Flyerz community. Reach out to hear how we can help.
  • Many clubs start with a monthly session and then build momentum. Initially can you utilise an existing pitch booking to remove cost; you don't need more than an 1/8 of a pitch to start and can use equipment the club already has.
  • Promotion is key; be proactive and get your session details where Flyerz Families are.
  • Previous disability experience isn't necessary, an approachable and can-do attitude is. Access Sport can also provide an Inclusive Training Workshop
Friday was a celebration of Flyerz and St Albans Flyerz created this amazing video.

The week ended with the largest every Flyerz session on Saturday with more that 80 Flyerz joining many special guest and GB Internationals for exercises, dances and a Q&A. 

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