Hockey's Back

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Hockey’s Back and it’s time to #reclaimthegame. Along with celebrating the return of hockey and its positive impact on players and clubs, we will also be promoting the sport to potentially new and returning players.

The sport does look different, but this is to ensure it can be as safe as possible for all. We all have a responsibility to follow the Return to Play Guidelines - particularly the need to maintain a safe social distance outside of play - but in doing so we will continue to have the opportunity to play the game.

We will also continue to support clubs to ensure they are confident and compliant in being back on the pitch. Whilst able to make the most of being back and offer the right activities for them and their community. 

Here you will find all of England Hockey’s guidance relating to Covid-19, key message posters that you are able to share with members, FAQ and all previously released announcements and documents. The page is updated if/when any future guidance is released, including the addition of the weekly top FAQs.

The best clubs aim to give every player the best experience of our sport. Those that do have more, better, happier players in a sustainable club environment. Providing different ways to play that meet players’ needs – responding to the fundamental shifts in the way people are accessing hockey, is one of seven key factors that help to make a great club

Understandable many clubs have other priorities at present, however we are seeing the recent period has resulted in people wanting to lead a more active lifestyle, but wanting to do this in a fun and social way. Hockey is the perfect solution for this.

The benefits for clubs in offering a variety of ways to play include; retaining existing players and attracting new ones, additional income, extra publicity, new volunteers and the opportunity to maximise pitch space. 

Are you, your family or friends looking for a sport that is fun, sociable and welcoming? If so, hockey is for you. Regardless of experience, ability or age that are opportunities for everyone to pick up a stick. 

Clubs across the country offer a variety of activity whether you are looking for a gentle introduction to the sport on an informal basis or want to play in a team on a regular basis, there will some something suitable for you.