2020 Age Group Nominations

2020 Age Group Nominations
Find out more about the nomination process for our England Age Group programmes for 2020/21. 

Please note the deadline for nominating players to England Age Group trials has now passed and no further nominations will be accepted.
The purpose of the talent system is to support sustained success of elite domestic and national teams, by finding and developing players who demonstrate the qualities to progress to senior elite level. This means developing a system which is accessible to as many players as possible and ensuring selection decisions are based on a combination of current performance level and future potential. 

For most players nomination may be their first experience of an England Age Group activity. Whatever the future holds, and whether they are selected for further involvement in the England Age Group programme or not, we are passionate about it being a positive experience for every player. So that we can support this, we would ask you to commit a small amount of focused time on the resources below and familiarise yourself with the nomination process outlined. Before completing a player nomination please:

1. Watch or listen to the YouTube nominations video which provides detail of what the nomination process is and is not. The video can be accessed HERE (7 minute watch)
2. Read this guidance page in full. We suggest you note down the answers to all of the player qualities before starting the nomination form. 

At this stage we would like to acknowledge that we are embarking on a new, and more open method to identify players for England Age Group activity.

Some key points from the video:
Only players nominated through the official nominations channel will be considered for training days. Coaches are required to complete one form per player
We are inviting U16 nominations for those born 2005 & 2006, and U18 nominations for those born 2003 & 2004. We will not consider players born after 2006 for the U16 nomination
Coaches should hold dialogue internally before nominating a player from their environment, avoiding multiple nominations for the same player from one environment.
Extending on the above point, each nomination will require a proposer and a seconder. We hope this will encourage internal dialogue but also provide an internal check and challenge on the appropriateness of your nominations
While considering future potential is important, when nominating players there are less than 30 England Age Group places per age group per gender so, players should be demonstrating a high level of competency in their current performance. In the video we have brought to life a number of scenarios to assist your decision making
The nomination training days and the England Age Group programme will support and challenge players. In nominating a player, you should be confident that with our support, this player is well placed to thrive in a supportive yet challenging international environment.
It will be at your, the coach’s discretion if you choose to tell players they have been nominated. Nomination is not a guarantee of a player being taken forward to trials. We therefore advise coaches to share information with caution and to manage expectations.
Players in the 2019/20 England Age Group programmes do not need to be nominated for this phase of assessment, they will join phase two of the assessment process. If you need to query an individual, please contact dieter.hill@englandhockey.co.uk

If you are unsure if you should be nominating a player or not, please get in touch with your contact within the talent system for some advice. If you are not sure who to contact, please email dieter.hill@englandhockey.co.uk
We invite you to nominate players by completing the England Age Group Trials Nominations Form. This will take approximately 15 minutes per player. Only fully completed forms will be accepted. You will be required to provide the following information

Your email address 
Your telephone number 
Name of seconder 
Email address of seconder 
Telephone number of seconder 
Seconder’s current coaching relationship to the nominated player? 
If the seconder is a school coach, please tell us which school or schools they operate at 
If the seconder is a club coach, please tell us which club or clubs they operate at 
If the seconder is a performance centre coach, please tell us which Performance Centre they deliver at 
Do you or the seconder have any family links to the nominated player 
Please provide the full name of the nominated player 
Nominated players date of birth? 
Email address for the nominated player 
Email address for the nominated player’s parent or guardian
Telephone number for the parent or guardian
School of the nominated player? 
Club of the nominated player play? (if applicable)
Performance Centre during 2019/20 (if applicable)
The players preferred playing line 

The form asks coaches to consider a broad profile of player across technical, tactical, mental and physical qualities. Current performance and future potential will both be considered. The detail of these qualities and how to rate them is contained in the nominations form at the appropriate point.

We will be following up with nominating coaches after this initial window to seek feedback on the process so we may evolve the best possible process moving forward.