Non EU Players, Coaches & Player/Coaches

Employment of Migrants From Outside European Economic Area

The Points Based System currently in use replaces the previous Work Permits system. England Hockey, along with the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) for field hockey of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland introduced a new Code of Practice to reflect these changes which is available as a download (on the right hand side of your screen).

Under the policy hockey clubs or schools wishing to employ migrants need to obtain approval from England Hockey for the purposes of Tier 2 and Tier 5 of the Points Based System. This is in the form of a governing body endorsement of their application for a sponsor licence before they can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (previously a Work Permit) to a player, player-coach or coach.  Only affiliated clubs or schools will be eligible to be issued with a governing body endorsement.

Clubs and schools will also have to obtain an endorsement from England Hockey for all applications of Certificates of Sponsorship made for an individual migrant seeking employment as a player, player/coach or coach under Tier 2 or Tier 5 of the Points Based System. The purpose of an endorsement for a migrant is to confirm that he/she is an internationally established sportsperson at the highest level, will make a significant contribution to the development of his/her sport at the highest level in the UK and that it is appropriate to fill the post from outside the European Economic Area.
For further details of the policy, including how to apply for a licence visit the UK Border Agency website