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Is there more information on the planned changes at AC/school/club level?

At the early talent development level (11-14 years), our aim is to create a comprehensive network of local inspirational environments throughout England which enable players to prosper and for talented players to emerge. Local Academy Centres have a role to play in this by providing a representative opportunity for 11-14-year old players (U13/U14/ U15 age groups). This is an important aspect for many young people as they start their playing career. Academy Centre U16/U17 competitions still have an important role to play to provide age related competition for older players and help ensure they remain in the sport and continue to enjoy playing hockey. However, U16/U17 Academy Centre activity is unlikely to be a focus for the most talented players who are likely to have significant club commitments by this age. Many clubs and schools also offer excellent training and competitive opportunities for these age groups. To encompass all these development opportunities within the talent system, a player will be able to choose which ones they attend, with each providing equal opportunity to progress.