A Structure Fit For The Future

March 2021


At the last England Hockey AGM in September 2020 the membership of England Hockey resoundingly voted in favour of the proposed structural changes set out in A Structure Fit for the Future. This set in motion the most significant changes to local hockey for our 800 clubs and many associations for generations and tasked England Hockey with leading the process. 

Since September a huge amount of work has been done supported by over 250 volunteers on various working groups, locally and nationally, to guide the development of the proposals. The nature of the changes required has meant different starting points and activities required according to the current structures in place. Thanks to the work undertaken in the Areas there is now increasing alignment in approach and sufficient commonality for national meetings to happen ensuring a consistency of approach is agreed. 

Whilst Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the season for clubs it has also allowed some volunteers from associations and clubs to invest more time that might have otherwise been possible. This has helped to deliver against the timeline and gives confidence that the September 2021 start date for implementation is on track. Clubs need to be aware that some processes for entering competitions and receiving information will be different next season and should look out for updates from England Hockey and their new organisations on this. 

The England Hockey AGM on the 16 March forms the next key stage of the process where the updated England Hockey Articles of Association being put before the membership will formally kick off the governance changes that start the transition to the new structure including the establishment of the new Areas and the adoption of the responsibilities for organisations as set out in the proposals. This transition period is critical for the changes to progress as smoothly as possible. 

The new organisations will hold inaugural meetings later in the spring to which clubs will be invited. As these are mostly new organisations recruitment is underway for the roles that are required to lead and support the Areas. 

As with any changes of this nature and complexity communication over forthcoming months will be essential. Clubs will need to understand how things are changing and how the new local leadership organisations will be establishing the processes to support the game locally. It will take a collective effort to ensure that the benefits of the changes can be realised to greatest effect. 

To find out more about specific aspects of the changes there are some more details in the following sections 

Roles In The New Organisations 

The new governance structures will create a new way of working for hockey and considerable thought has gone into the new structures and ways of working. The new organisations will be expected to use technology effectively to that will make the best use of volunteer time and help to attract and retain the best calibre of volunteers.  

Applicants for the key Director and Committee Chair roles will be put before the Area members at the inaugural general meeting. Committee roles will be approved by the Area Board of Directors. 

There are a range of roles that require different skill sets and time commitments that are set out as follows: 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals, clubs and organisations who have shared ideas, commented and engaged with the consultations and process so far. Change on this scale would not be possible without the buy in and efforts of all and we look forward to seeing the hard work come to fruition initially on March 16th and later with the start of the season under the new governance structure in September 2021.