Getting Set For A Summer Of Change

May 2021


As we head towards the summer the sport stands on the cusp of the biggest changes to the administrative structures in hockey in a generation, for information please see the Governance Review.

On the back of the membership voting in support of the ‘Structure Fit for the Future’ proposal a vast array of volunteers have been working tirelessly to develop and agree the detail of the changes ready to start to be implemented from next season.

At the heart of the work have been a range of Area transition teams and national working groups that have helped shape the transition nationally and locally including the development of new committee structures, league and competition structures and in some cases new organisations.

Alongside this we would also like to recognise those that have acted with great integrity continuing with existing roles or making preparations for transitioning their existing organisations towards the new structures.

This update sets out what the next phase of the changes mean for everyone in the sport.

The Headlines

Clubs are recommended to attend the general meetings of the new organisations and support the volunteers that are leading the changes locally. The support of clubs will be key in establishing the new organisations as the local committees establish themselves.

What does this mean for my organisation?


Counties and Regions (including HUAs)

If you have any questions please get in touch with